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The Little Prince Essays

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Summary and Analysis of The Little Prince

The narrator, who is also the pilot, talks about his struggle as a child to illustrate a boa constrictor consuming an elephant. The narrator initially sketches the picture from the outside, but everyone thinks it’s a hat. So he tries to draw the boa constrictor from the inside, yet at this moment, the adults tell him to stop drawing them and rather focus on more important things such as geography and arithmetic. Instead, the narrator pursues a different career path,...
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Review of Plot of The Little Prince: Descriptive Essay

The novel starts as the narrator laments on his childhood as he constantly tried to draw a Boa Constrictor eating an elephant. When he would show grown-ups his drawing they would constantly assume that it was a hat despite all his efforts in drawing it differently. The grownups around him encouraged him to quit drawing and pay more attention to more practical things and so he became a pilot. As a pilot the narrator would encounter many grownups and when...
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Reader's Response to Literature: Critical Analysis of “The Little Prince”

1. Which one among the adults the Little Prince meets do you find the most significant to discuss? Why Among the adults that the Little Prince meets, the most significant one would be the geographer. The geographer was the wisest out of all the other adults. He told the Little Prince that he had a job that took much knowledge to do. The old geographer also starts inquiring about the Little Prince’s planet. During his visit to the geographer’s planet,...
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Reader's Reflection on The Little Prince: Analytical Overview

1. Why is it that nobody believed the astronomer? Grown-ups has set their priorities, some are right and most are wrong. As per the society labelled a person. Man with suit and tie are being respected and sadly one that wears color faded shirts and jeans are called lowly. What happened with the astronomer is simply prejudice. They judge him based on the way he dresses and not on the content of his discovery. When he came back with a...
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Use of Figurative Language in The Little Prince: Analytical Essay

The story starts with conversation on the idea of adults and their failure to see particularly significant things. As a test to decide whether an adult is illuminated and like a kid. He shows them an image that he drew at 6 years old portraying a boa (snake) which has eaten an elephant. The adults consistently answer that the image portrays a hat, thus he knows to discuss ‘sensible’ things to them, as opposed to whimsical. Then the narrator, a...
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A Multiple Analysis of the Novels “The Little Prince” and “Animal Farm”

The Little Prince The Little Prince, a novella for children, was published in the United States in the year 1943, several years after its author Antoine de Saint-Exupery died. Today, it is one of the most promising French literary pieces ever written. Antoine de Saint-Exupery who was a skilled aviator started writing the book in the year 1940 after he fleed France during the Second World War. The story is based on his own experience and creative imagination. Indeed, he...
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Concept of Overcoming Social and Emotional Isolation in The Little Prince

“Many sensitive characters want to experience companionship, but when they cannot achieve this, they become alienated” (Laleh and Rikani, 2016:660). This statement can be applied to the protagonists of both Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye and Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince. The Little Prince for example, feeling betrayed by his rose, leaves his planet to find someone worth loving, only to find no one worth being with, which leaves him lonely and isolated. On the other hand, although Holden isolates...
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Opinion Essay on The Little Prince: Analysis of Characters, the Best and the Worst Parts

1. Who among the characters do you like most? Explain further. The fox is one of the characters that captures my attention, one of the earth’s inhabitants that the Little Prince encountered on his journey. What I like about the fox is that his words leave readers with such a meaningful realization about life and friendship. In fact, the way in which the fox puts the word “tamed” in his words makes sense. I never thought that there would be...
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