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The Main Ideas In The Book Outliers

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Malcolm Gladwell, a well known journalist and non-fiction narrator. Writer of many books which includes OUTLIERS (The Story of Success), published by Little, Brown and Company in November, 2008.


This is an exciting narration of different stories of successful people getting different achievements and factors that influences their life in good or bad manner. There are two basic parts in this book. One is OPPORTUNITY and second is LEGACY.


From chapter one “THE MATTHEWS EFFECT” says that people who are well established and at the peak of their careers would gain more opportunities which cumulates in their success. The genius and rich one get tax discount (tax break) and help from others.

10,000 HOUR RULE

In second chapter he has given his famous statement of 10,000 hour rules. He says that those people who are God giftedly talent in any aspect, but this is the smaller part which play role in their success unless and until their hardworking enough to practice their talent this much time. So basically according to the author, practice plays a key role in getting success and Not only talent but extra ordinary opportunities also matters which is given to the ones who are born at the beginning of year from January to March.


Everybody thinks that for leading the successful life greater IQ level matters allot instead of having average IQ scale with smart strategies and tactics, success will automatically comes into way. For example TERMAN conducted a study and having chosen kids on the basis of their IQ level greater than 140 and observe them until their adulthood. None can become a noble prize winner . so IQ doesn’t matter allot like Einstein having an IQ level of 150 versus Langan IQ level of 180 doesn’t make Langan more smarter and successful than Einstein.

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In chapter number five, there was a period of between 1940’s to 1950’s in which Jewish were heavily discriminated and the successful law firm was not hiring any of the Jewish lawyer. So in these circumstances they had to start their own firm by their own and their only option is to take those cases that white shoe law firm’s decline and those are corporate takeovers. Fortunately in 1970’s regulations became relax and the corporate takeover increased their numbers and as the Jewish firm who were well reputed to deal with such cases comes into demand. So, what’s started as a disadvantage became their success.


In lesson two gives the importance to their specific time of birth like children born in between 1910 to 1940’s in this time a lot of chaos happened proxy war, great depression, flue epidemics. So, due to this less number of population increased, so university accept more people, competition decreased, hardship decreased due to smaller generation,. Therefore an opportunity comes in abundance for them. So birth time plays a key role in getting success.


The third lesson of Joe Flom says that cultural heritage and being a part of ‘humble origin’ gives an opportunity rather than being an obstacles in getting success. Like for instance Joe Flom belongs to the initial Jewish immigrants which had these traits also he emphasized when parents are already stabled in doing meaningful work, their children will get automatically many opportunities to excel in their career.


Chapter number 6 Malcolm Gladwell had told the importance of traditional cultures and its legacy in determining success. He mentioned about a place called Harlan a small town in Kentucky. There was a feud in between two families which results in bloodsheds mostly. And not only this it was noticed that the whole mountain region has this pattern of fights with in families that are living there because there for father was Scots-Irish Herdsman known to be barbarians. So, that people respect them and would be fearful and not steal their herd’s animals. So, traditional legacy must transfer to their descendants.


This chapter number 7, author mentioned the story about Korean air crashes. In 80’s and 90’s there were too many crashes in Korean airline did not result from any major problem but resulted from many minors one like tired pilots, bad weather, new staff, poor communication between the pilots but from 1991 they had acknowledged their problem and improved and immerged as the safest airline in the world up till now. So, in this culture legacy again played an important role.

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