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The Main Ideas Of The Novel Brave New World

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October 30, 2019 People frequently prior put social stability at the first place, but the fatal effect is what would eventually cause the destruction worldwide.The development of science and technology has already brought human society into a highly streamlined super-fine division of labor society. Through the development of bioengineering technology, humans have abandoned natural fertility, and the offspring are reproduced by artificial insemination and in vitro culture. Through the multiple means of embryo breeding control and children’s brainwashing education, everyone in the brave new world will become a perfect screw in society when they are adults. Our society today partly indicates Huxley’s technological dystopia as human beings trained as machines, human’s pursuit of temporary gratification and concentration of power restricted our innovative spirit, which is the headstream of our social development.

Genetic engineering and conditioning delivered an absolute stability that suppresses the growth of community. No aging process, and all people not exercising their brain to consider about anything. From a Chinese scientist who is performing gene manipulation, “Still, removing the CCR5 gene to create HIV resistance may not present a particularly strong reason to alter a baby’s heredity.” In the name of securing the baby’s life, the dictator is in fact entering a prison (Confine of thought.) where they merely work for a limited amount of place and could merely perform certain things in the range. When the genetic engineering relates to the current world, there is consistently a critical issue that people debate about the morality perspective sides. In Hurley’s dystopia, there was an unbalanced world, because no standard morality was settled. Genetic engineering and conditioning played role of eliminating the thought of becoming individualism. Since scientists in that world were trying to manipulate the citizen’s brain structures, genes and educations. If it is in the world of non-individualism, everyone follows the rules of the world state, in which everyone is conditioning to not breach the rule. It is like a frog living at the bottom of a well. How creation begins if the frog only sees the world of the well and never has a thought of achieving the world outside of the well. Even though the fog receives a considerably vigorous development inside the well, it is uncalled the creation. Put differently, the frog is merely achieving what he possesses. The people live in the world state develop the similar condition with the frog. Since they were born, they were instructed not to be creative and straightly follow the rule same as the frog never willing to reach the top of the well. What is more, “By correcting the disease genes … we human[s] can better live in the fast-changing environment.” . There are some good examples of how correcting the bad gene could establish the standard of living more efficiently. Up to 92 percent of United State, corn is genetically engineered, but do people recognize the potential danger of what genetically engineered corn could bring? What if the genetically engineered work applies to mortal beings? Does the fast-changing refer to a practical development or negative development? The future fulfills with uncertainty.

Happiness represents a feeling in the end. As science advances, people are increasingly discovering that this feeling is controllable. In the lab, the mouse will be happy to die to seek pleasure. If biochemistry science can control all this, achieves happiness still make sense? Being fed represents a maddening thing. It violates human self-esteem. In human’s concept, the person is a rational, capable of making choices, and free. When the people not feeling happiness “What you need is a gramme of soma”. Everyone receives a “happy pill” according to the quota every day, and its effect is similar to that of modern society: it stimulates the nerve center and produces chemical excitement and satisfaction. In addition, Human rebellion and human pursuits appear natural when he is frustrated. Once he is happy and successful, it will be doubtful. The daily allocation of Soma is a guarantee to prevent individual dissatisfaction, social unrest, and reactionary ideasN“Everyone belongs to everyone else, after all.’ In the consumerism, people all are the products of the dictator Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun.

And if ever, by some unlucky chance, anything unpleasant should somehow happen, why, there’s always soma to give you a holiday from the facts: Nodding, ‘He patted me on the behind this afternoon,’ said Lenina. ‘There, you see!’ Fanny was triumphant. ‘That shows what he stands for. The strictest conventionality.’Topic Sentence power and conditioning

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Dictatorship minimizes the freedom of human by completely ruling their thoughts which impedes any inner improvement . In the World State “Everyone belongs to everyone else, after all,’ if this is attributed to the totalitarian government, it actually dissolves the complexity of the problem. In reality, the central government launched political struggles, publicized sacrifices for the country, and punished the rebels and treason. It is more like the solemnity of ‘1984’, but it has not launched a love movement, publicized entertainment gossip, and punishes diseases. senescence. Yes, the social engineering and control that appeared in ‘Beautiful New World’ has not yet appeared in real life. No one has forced us to live in such a superficial ‘happy’ world today, which is our own choice. The extremes of personality lead to anarchism, low efficiency and social turmoil; the extremes of commonality leads to the singular shrinkage of literature and art. When people lose themselves, they also lose the fundamental elements that distinguish them from animals: emotion and creativity.

Managers use scientific methods such as test tube cultivation, conditional restriction, hypnosis, sleep therapy, and Pavlov conditioned reflexes to strictly control the preferences of human beings, so that they can use their happiest mood to implement their own life-saving consumption patterns. , social surnames and posts.

The true ruler is high and ridiculed while controlling the people in the system. Occasionally, those who have doubts or rebellious attitudes to the status are considered to be unsettled and deported to remote areas.

All dictatorships are cruel and wasteful. They deprive the populace of basic rights while enriching a small minority at the expense of rational development. ‘The use of public money in the form of bureaucratic posts, infrastructure or even access to schools as a form of patronage, as well as the ethnic bias in the allocation of these goods, has been widely documented in Africa

In conclusion. Without freedom, one cannot be a person in the full sense. Therefore, freedom is the highest value. Perhaps the power to threaten freedom is too strong now, there is no way to resist it for a long time, but in any case, our responsibility is to resist as much as we can.

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