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The Major Characters And Their Roles In Lord Of The Flies

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“Lord Of The Flies” is a novel about a group of young boys who get stranded on an island after a plane accident and need to depend on one another to get help. They are a group of older boys called ‘biguns’ and younger boys called ‘littluns’. Piggy, Ralph, and Jack symbolizes the significance in society. Ralph becomes the chief and battles a great deal with Jack to be boss while Piggy stands uninvolved being the brains behind the chaos. In spite of the fact that these three characters were a piece of a similar island, they all contributed major roles to society.

Piggy speaks to astuteness and realism his entire novel. Continually thinking before he settles on choices and being faithful to Ralph regardless. Even after the young boys take credit for every thought of his, he yearns to be a piece of their gathering and for them to like him. No matter how hard Piggy tries to stand up for himself, the boys would always find a way to make fun of him and ignore as if he doesn’t even exist.We never know what Piggy’s real name is because when he meets Ralph, he discloses to him that every boy from school would ridicule him and call him ‘Piggy”. Ralph started to laugh and clap his hands when he heard this and later on told all the other boys to call him by that even after Piggy advised Ralph not to tell the others. The boys start to yell Piggys name and “[a] storm of laughter arose and even the tiniest child joined in…[Piggy] went very pink, bowed his head, and cleaned his glasses again”(Golding 21) shwoing how weak Piggys is as he was not able to stand up for himself or stand up to Ralph and argue with him on why he would tell the others. Piggy may represent weakness in “Lord Of The Flies” but he is extremely loyal to his friend Ralph and never leaves his side through this whole novel. Piggy grew tired of all the boys being mean and hurtful to him and Ralph and had enough when they started to throw rocks at them. He argued with the boys, “Which is better – to be a pack of painted Indians like you are, or to be sensible like Ralph is?” (Golding 180) representing once again how Piggy will stay by Ralph’s side no matter what.

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Ralph symbolizes request, initiative, and development. He takes the first step of responsibility by being the leader of their group and trying to get food for them by telling Jack and his choir to be hunters. All the boys on the island met after Ralph blew the conch to gather everyone and hold their first meeting where they decided there should be a chief, “Him with the shell. Ralph! Ralph! Let him be chief with the trumpet-thing. Ralph raised a hand for silence”(Golding 22) demonstrating Ralph’s first sign of leadership throughout the novel and caring for a group of young boys. In society, there must be someone who will take authority and unite people otherwise there would be chaos and it would lead to anarchy. Ralph tried to be civilized but it was merely impossible when Jack decided he wanted to run the island his way, and his way only. Ralph developed during the novel as in the beginning, he was just a young boy who wanted to be rescued and civil about things. Towards the end he was no longer a young boy but someone who had lost all innocence and had seen things no child should see.

Jack is all the viciousness or malice in man. He loses his capacity to stay acculturated while he is stranded on the island. He becomes dehumanized and shows little to no remorse after seeing and killing two young boys who he went to school with. Jack’s first attempt at killing a pig failed and he wanted to avenge himself by killing any pig he sees and not let anyone or anything get in the way of that. After his first kill of a pig, he transformed into someone the people of the island would not recognize. He was a ruthless killer. The first time Jack murdered a pig, he was exceptionally happy and the biguns began to play a round of catch the pig where they used Maurice as the pig and the boys would chase him around and holler, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in”(Golding 75) showing the first time the boys started to turn into savages. No matter how much people would deny it, in society there will always be evil within us. When they finally get rescued from the island, Jack regretted everything with at long last observing a grown-up figure and couldn’t come with words to tell the official he was “chief”.

“Lord Of the Flies” reminds us how wicked people can be even when we attempt to be cultivated, wickedness will discover a way to corrupt our minds. With everything taken into account, Piggy demonstrates how innocent we can be. Ralph demonstrates how we are leaders and how enlightened we could be on the off chance that we utilize our brains. Jack demonstrates us how cruel and unfeeling we can be without having any remorse and at last, regretting every last bit of it.

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