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The Meaning Of Caring In Interprofessional Clinical Experience

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The importance of caring in an extended care facility, means more to me than just being t physically present. It means caring for my patient with the same respect and dignity, you would want someone to care for your elderly loved one. After reading the journal article and learning more about the interprofessional clinical experience, I recognize how important it is to introduce trainees to the roles of different healthcare professionals, it provides them with the chance to participate in an a teamwork environment, and familiarize trainees with how caring for older adults in the nursing home setting is. ICE was designed so that trainees representing at least three healthcare professions would individually interview a patient in a skilled nursing facility and later participate in a care-plan discussion. The collaboration of team work that they displayed, helped me to see that I too have experienced this in my previous work environment. They implemented team work, and ways they could improve a positive, and healthy work environment.

Evaluation was based on Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick’s (2006) model focused on changes in attitudes toward interprofessional teams and older adults. This included both quantative and qualitative assessments. To evaluate the impact of ICE on trainee attitude toward interprofessional teams and attitudes toward older adults, assessments were given pre- and post- experience. I found this to be an interesting presentation on how to improve care at an extended care facility, and also how to experience interprofessional team work in the nursing home setting.

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I have worked with older adults in an extended care facility and I like the way that ICE involves the entire team as one and no staff member will feel left out. Everyone plays an important role in the care plan for the patients, whether it be the secretary, housekeeper or dietary. In my personal experience, I think that when collaborative work is done as a team such as this, it gives everyone not only a chance to interact, but also, a chance to get different views and opinions from your coworkers that may or may not be doing some of the same work as you. It also allows for questions to be asked and feedback received on somethings that could be changed to help with the improvement of patient care. Other interprofessional programs have shown that trainees had a positive attitude toward interprofessional care in a hospital setting following a participation in a training exercise (Anderson, Manek, & Davidson. 2006).

In conclusion, some of the strengths of ICE included using actual patients and having trainees from multiple professions interact directly at each session, resulting in gaining a better understanding of other profession’s roles and responsibilities. Given the importance of interprofessional teams in the delivery of quality, patient-centered health care ICE is a potential strategy to teach these concepts to trainees from multiple professions. I feel this was a good opportunity for ICE to provide a professional view, on how the trainees felt after being able to engage with other healthcare professionals in the care-plan of the patient. The end result in caring for the elderly patients would be to put the patients first and provide quality care to each and every patient.

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