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The Meaning Of Christian Vocation

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Christian Vocation is a calling from god or the Christian church. Christian vocation isn’t just something that God calls us to do it’s also the person God calls us to be. Each person’s calling is different from others callings. God calls his followers to fulfil his mission. By having a Christian vocation you have been called to follow the Christ as he the holy spirit guides us through this journey.

The sacrament of penance brings Gods mercy, forgiveness and peace and restores us. Penance is also known as a confession, it is a disposition of heart by which one repents of one’s own sins and is converted to God. Sins harm our relationship with God, conversion of heart is the first step to the journey back to God. Through these confessions it offers sinners forgiveness and peace from Jesus Christ, it also allows people who have sinned to reconcile with the church again. When God forgives our sins he takes away the guilt from the sins and replaces it with forgiveness.

Priestly work:

Priestly work is not to become a priest but to become a mediator or bridge between God and human beings. He offers sacrifices to God on behalf of us. Jesus sacrificed himself to God for his sins and the peoples sins. Jesus offers himself as a sacrifice ( Hebrews 9:26- 27) Jesus Cleanses us of sin ( 1 john 1:7).

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Prophetic work:

A prophet of God is someone who reveals God, Speaks for God and communicates to people the truths that God wants them to know. This doesn’t mean to force to word of God but to speak about him when there is an opportunity to do so. Jesus fits the description of a prophet, he called the world to turn from our sins and return to God. In scriptures Jesus is presented as a prophet. Crowds identified him as ‘Jesus the prophet’ (Matthew 21:11). He spoke of himself as a prophet (Luke 4:24). When he came to do the will of the father (Luke 22:42).

Kingly work:

A king is someone who has authority to rule and reign over a group of people. Jesus ruled over his church and guided his people. Jesus did not use his power of being a king to do wrong, he used his power do spread the word of God to people. Jesus is called the king of Jews by magi (Matt 2:2). Throughout the gospels Jesus is spoken as a king. Jesus’ mission was to have God reign in the hearts of everyone and to spread peace.

In everyday life many Christians around the world carry out Jesus’ priestly, prophetic and kingly work, some without noticing and other intend to. Followers of Jesus spread the word of Jesus which carries out his prophetic work. Ways people carry out Jesus’ priestly work is by praying, and sacrifice. Lastly the way people carry out Jesus’ kingly work is by being a leader and helping guide people to Gods work.

Teresa of Avila was sent to Carmelite convent at age 16, at first she hated it but then started to love it. After she fell ill with Malaria she turned away from Christianity as she thought this sickness was a punishment for her sins. A priest had convinced her to go back to Christianity and she started praying again. Once her faith was restored she Carmelite back to its original observance of austerity. She spent the rest of her life establishing and nurturing 16 more Convents throughout Spain. Through her work she carried out Jesus’ priestly, prophetic and kingly work by speaking the word of God, guiding and leading people to God and praying.

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