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The Mental Psyche Of The Main Characters Of Death Of Ivan Ilych And Don Quixote

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Tolstoy’s death of Ivan Ilyich deals with the not accepting his death until it right before his death, and Miguel de Cervantes book Don Quixote where the death on Don Quixote he was more accepting when his time came. Even though they both are dealing with death at the end they are not the same one goes out peacefully and the other goes out not wanting to because he did not think that he lived his life to the fullest. So looking at the mental psyche of the main characters of Death of Ivan Ilych and Don Quixote.

Sometimes people die and come back to life for example when someone goes into cardiac arrest the heart stops beating and the blood stops getting to the places that need regular blood flow like the brain, lungs, and other vital organ and eventually die. However, some people can come back if the heart start functioning before the organs start to shut down. These people tell about what they experience like out of body experiences, seeing their past, or seeing their family members. The reasoning for this is that the brain is one of first organs to die only lasting up to three minutes without blood circulation. Different parts of the brain do different things and blood is pumped upwards toward the brain so the brain dies from the top down. That is one of the reasons that you see your memories at near-death experiences because the part of the brain that has long-term memory is toward the lower part of the brain. So when people have near death experiences they have out of body experiences, seeing their life in a flash before their eyes, or see all of their friends and family because of that part of the brain is still active and activating showing them what they want to think. Out of body experiences is the brain making fake memory even though it look real it is not even remotely real. Now that this has been explained, the comparison can now begin.

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So in Tolstoy’s death of Ivan Ilyich the main character Ivan Ilyich get an unexplainable disease that get progressively worse as the book goes on. He keeps asking his doctor what he has and they would not tell him what it is or how long he has to live. Later on, in the book, he is in a lot of pain and because of the pain; he makes a lot noises and he feels bad for his family that have to deal with him and the noise that he is making through the book. He also is trying everything to try to get better from trying stuff someone mentioned to try to stop his pain from getting worse. While this is happening he and he is lot of pain he thinks of all the things that he did thinking that he did not live his life to the fullest. From his childhood to how he meet his wife then to how he got his job to how he raised his children. Right before he dies, his son come into his room, grabs his hand, and kisses it and he Ivan realized that his life was not as bad as he thought it was and saw the light multiple times, as he died. He probably was dead way before like the first time he saw the light because that is what you would see in a near death experience. Even though it says he is talking to himself before he dies he could the brain plays trick can and will play tricks on people so the things in the book that he says and thinks could not actually be happening. What really is happening is that his brain making him think that is what happened just like the brain making people think they have out of body experiences. His brain is making him live his death but he is saying things that he probably did not say and think.

Miguel de Cervantes book Don Quixote the way Don Quixote dies is not as loud and painful as Ivan Ilyich’s death in the death of Ivan Ilyich. Don Quixote before his death he wrote his confessions and fainted, three days he was still alive but was quiet, and peaceful.

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