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The Minister's Black Veil': Metaphorically Speaking and Short Description

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The most common features that people hide are their downfalls. For example, when we commit something wrong, we tend to express ourselves differently to avoid our flaws. People hide their wrongdoings so others won’t ridicule what they have gone through. The truth will sometimes require fighting in order to reveal itself.A parable is a brief story that can give spiritual advice. The Minister’s Black Veil is a parable because of its moral message through a religious setting. The speech of Mr. Hooper connects the veil with the secret sins of the world. In the footnote, the priest accidentally shot his friend and killed him. Once the priest’s friend died he decided to wear a veil for the rest of his life and promised to never remove it. The author was trying to show how a commitment can change someone’s character. Mr. Hooper’s commitment was put to the test when his future wife asked him to take off the veil so that she could see his face. The beginning of the story began in Milford, New England with a joyful atmosphere. The setting gave a feeling of a placid Sunday morning. This mood was interrupted when Mr. Hooper revealed himself among the people of the Church. His appearance with the veil is not at all normal for a minister to wear when entering a place of worship. This immediately led to a mysterious plot of the story. Before the appearance of Mr. Hooper in his dark veil, we learn that he was a courteous honorable man.

The confusion and wonder reveal his change as unsuitable for the minister they knew before. It is unexpected that someone as religious as Mr. Hooper will wear a black veil over his head, foreshadowing something darker between him and his congregation. The black veil symbolizes how terrible a secret sin can be within human nature. Hooper said, ‘He perhaps, like other mortals, has sorrows enough to be typified by a black veil.’ Revealing that there is an invisible conflict that is among everyone and the black veil emphasizes the truth to be presented. The congregation’s reaction was filled with terror. An old woman expressed her emotions by saying, ‘He has changed himself into something awful, only by hiding his face.’ Demonstrating that a black veil is terrifying to witness over someone’s emotional expressions. Mr. Hooper relates to the old woman’s comments when saying, ‘Have men avoided me, and women shown no pity, and children screamed and fled only for my black veil? What, but the mystery which it obscurely typifies, has made this piece of crape so awful?’ Revealing that their reaction was exactly what the minister needed to help reveal the invisible veils we wear. The ‘darkened aspect’ shows a different viewpoint from the minister and the decision he chose toward life. It also reveals that everyone has committed a sin, even those who serve the Church. It also foreshadows the effect it will have on Mr. Hoopers throughout the story. When Mr. Hooper leans over the coffin. the veil shifts into a position were the young lady could see his face if she had not died. He fears that the dead maiden might be able to read his secrets. The minister then puts the veil back into the the appropriate position. He will later tell Elizabeth that ‘it is but a mortal veil – it is not for eternity!’ This reveals that in the afterlife there is no purpose for the veil because there is no need to hide one’s secret.

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The hidden imperfections are all revealed and judged only by God. The topic on the day Mr. Hooper appeared with the veil was about secret sin. The subject perfectly expressed the minister’s appearance and his purpose about human actions. This leads the reader to think differently about a veil and its visibility within an individual. The disgrace that Mr. Hooper experiences throughout the story helps us visualize how terrifying human nature can be when we truly reveal ourselves from inside. The veil affects the wedding in a gloomy way. The author said it could ‘Porten nothing but evil to the wedding.’The wedding guests also believed that the pale bride resembles the maiden who was buried a few hours ago. Nonetheless, the anxiety from the guests was reflected upon Mr. Hooper’s own image through the wine glass. Symbolizing the dark nature of a visible veil. Elizabeth does not see the veil as something sinister. Instead, she feels that it just hides her husband’s face rather than a darker secret. Elizabeth knows her husband’s character and believes that the veil is temporary and can be removed simply by persuading him. She became unsuccessful and left him due to his persistent manner of continuing wearing the veil. The black veil was like a mirror to the congregation. The dark visual aspects that the veil contained reflected upon what humanity hides. Mr. Hooper’s position as a clergyman inspired his audience to really understand what God expects from them. The veil’s dark nature also ‘enabled him to sympathize with all dark affections.’

Allowing the minister to have impactful preaching skills. The black veil devasted Mr. Hooper’s life. Ever since his first appearance with the veil, no one in his community gave a positive emotional response to the idea. An old woman muttered,’ I Don’t like it.’ Mr. Hooper is trying to express the sins of humanity. He is like any other person who eventually gave in to temptation, even religious members of the church have experienced this. We sometimes do not realize our actions until after the vent. The only human that did not commit a sin, however, was Jesus. Let’s question ourselves instead of how we can avoid and improve from these poor decisions rather than look back to what we did. Elizabeth assumes that Mr. Hooper decided to wear the veil only because of a secret sin but in reality, he tells Elizabeth that his veil is a ‘symbol.’ Mr. Hooper said, ‘What, but the mystery which it obscurely typifies, has made this piece of crape so awful? When the friend shows his inmost heart to his friend; the lover to his best beloved; when man does not vainly shrink from the eye of his Creator, loathsomely treasuring up the secret of his sin; then deem me a monster, for the symbol beneath which I have lived, and die! I look around me, and, lo! on every visage a Black Veil!’ Indicating that if humans behaved according to God’s precepts, there was no purpose for wearing the black veil. People try to blend in with others in order to hide their flaws. Some people are kind while others express themselves in an unfriendly manner. It is usually the caring individuals that hide an imperfection. We commonly look at the visual aspects of a person rather than what their ‘veil’ or heart hides. Metaphorically speaking, veils are worn to hide our imperfections and weaknesses to avoid judgment from others. Our appearances can hide what we conceal within ourselves. Some do not want to express their flaws publicly while others do so in the hopes of sharing a learning experience.

Nonetheless, without a ‘veil’ we may seek the ‘truth’ within us and live without any visual deception, but the chances of that happening are very unlikely. I wear the same veil as the community which is to behave accordingly to what others expect from you. You normally don’t feel anything that can affect you in any way. However, when you lie you do feel a sense of guilt knowing the truth. No matter the situation, having a reputation of dishonesty will affect a person throughout time. Although I don’t lie frequently, wisdom can help me detect if my actions are morally right or wrong. A video game called ‘Halo’ has ties with Mr. Hooper’s actions when an extraterrestrial ally is trying to help the protagonist eliminate the Hierarchs. This ally is known as the ‘Arbiter’ who is severely judged by humans for his appearance. He leaves the dreadful past against a parasitic outbreak and the false beliefs on salvation when discovering the truth. Aside from the criticism and bad reputation with humans, he eventually will follow his conscience to do what is right. A single alien presence does not constitute hostility but instead assists humanity, let alone know the differences between good and evil. When we are guilty of lying it is hard for us to trust others who might do the same action against us. When there is a lack of trust it becomes harder to figure out who is trying to help us and who is trying to deceive us.

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