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The Most Common to Detect Deception

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Many people believe that they know how to detect deception. They rely on nonverbal cues or actions that often speak louder than words. Indeed, there are body language signals that can help determine if a person is telling the real story. It is often believed that you can tell if the person is honest or not by looking at his eyes. If he looks straight in the eye, he is presumed honest. However, there have been instances where nonverbal cues alone have failed to detect deception.

According to research, lying is a skill. It is something that can be learned - very much like biking, swimming, and driving. Professional liars have trained themselves to tell lies with a straight face and can do it with ease after long hours of practice. It only takes patience to learn a skill. If you want to know how to detect deception, it's best if you use other tools in addition to reading body language signals alone. Relying solely on nonverbal cues can lead to misinterpretation. Telling the truth can be quite stressful for some people. This is especially true when sensitive and painful matters are concerned. For some, discussions about sexuality cause discomfort that they cannot talk casually or look straight in the eye. With misleading nonverbal cues, people tend to overestimate their capacity to detect deception so that they end up being deceived.

The process of lie detection is quite tricky that people rely on technological tools to uncover the truth. This objective approach could achieve a better success rate than simply relying on nonverbal cues. Lie detection tools are used by law in interrogating witnesses or suspects in crimes. These tools demonstrate how inept a person's judgment is when it comes to translating signals. Some of the most common tools used to uncover deceptions are the polygraph and the functional magnetic resonance imaging, otherwise called FMRI.

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The polygraph measures and monitors a person's heart rate, skin conductance, and blood pressure. Changes in the monitored data are associated with a person's anxiety level. When a person is anxious during interrogation, then there is a huge possibility that he is lying.

Another technological tool that works for the same purpose is fMRI. It uses brain scans to understand how a person's mind works and contains indicators that determine whether a person is telling the truth.

Police investigators know how to detect deception. They start the process by asking non-threatening questions. These questions do not prompt a person to lie. Then they proceed with the formal interrogation process. They compare and observe the changes in the brain's activity.

Again, these tools are sometimes not one hundred percent accurate. Being subject to a lie detector test causes an increase in the anxiety level and brain activity for any normal person. This may lead to a misinterpretation of data leading to the conclusion that the person is lying even if he is telling the truth. He is just self-conscious or may be apprehensive about the machine. It can swing both ways. Professional liars can conceal their feelings of anxiety, while others become stressed out by telling the truth. However, people should not wring their hands and give up on these tools. They seem to forget that most individuals they are dealing with are not professional liars, and not all people are out there to deceive them. Operating from such a negative mindset can only attract more of these unwanted persons in their experience. Let us be thankful that science has come up with those tools that can help in knowing and understanding how to detect deception.

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