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The Most Influential Person in My Life: Personal Narrative

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Each person has their own personality, but the way one acts today might be the result of what that person learned while growing up. One person can change another’s life in a variety of ways; a simple sentence from someone important to you can change your worldview completely. Other people’s influence is forever present in our daily lives, but only one is the most influential person in my life: my dad.

Since the first moment I came into this world, the first person I saw was my dad. Growing up, I was extremely close to him. To this day, that fact has not changed. We make jokes together. Every time I see my reflection, I can see some of his features. He not only is my biological relative, but also an inspiration to me.

My dad has always been the epitome of what a man should be. He is full of compassion, strength, gentleness, comedy, understanding, and above all, he is a man of values.

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He has taught me to be comfortable with who I am, to always be able to laugh at myself, and to trust my gut. He understands me, listens to me, and most importantly, he believes in me, even when others refuse to. His support has helped me to mold into the person I am today; no matter the situation, his words always make me rise when I fall.

My father has taught me to have strong moral values, personal responsibility, honesty, and trust. He has shown me how to be compassionate and to be a respectful person in life. While he showed me how to have fun and laugh, he also has taught me the meaning of hard work, and the meaning of love.

My father has always been there to share with me moments of joy and times of hardship. He has given me his personal time, so that I may grow up to face the challenging world ahead of me full of courage and hope. My father is not perfect, and like every human, he has his faults, struggles, and weaknesses. He has taught me, however, how to face these imperfections with a positive attitude and a strong will. The memories I have shared with my father thus far will be everlasting and have a positive influence on my life like no other.

And perhaps most notably, he has inspired me to have determination in whatever I do, to never give way in my efforts, and to never let challenges be an obstacle to my success.

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