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The Mother's Sacrifices And Modern Issues

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A mother has a significant role in the everyday lives of children. It is a relation that is formed from the day a woman conceives. It’s a part of her body. Mother loves and sacrifices her children without any expectation, although there is some kind of expectation in other relationships. Even in husband wife’s relation. It is said that the mother experiences it or feels the same when the child gets hurt. Mother gets it what her child needs without articulating a word, a single word. Her happiness totally depends on her children. She will always wish for their best. It comes from within.

Nowadays the maids act like mothers. The mother stays outside and the baby is attached to the maid. I’ve seen instances where a child gets the love of a mother from a maid. God was not able to reach every one, so he made mothers. However, we still have to remember that our mother is the one who give birth to us and we must appreciate her sacrifices.

In What Ways does a Mother Sacrifice her Life?

Went through a Painful Experience

In what methods does a mother sacrifice her life? A mother sacrifices her life, to bring us into this world. She went through a painful experience just to have us. Just consider the sluggish hunger and dehydration she is experiencing. A number of studies have found that when a mother feels unprepared or struggling to cope with all the changes to their physical health, they are more likely feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or depressed and your appearance will change. For example, their hair may start falling out more than usual. Your skin might feel drier, and you may notice stretch marks on your belly and breasts. Ive heard it stated that is one of the maximum brutal and tortuous deaths one may want to ever experience. Although all the pain she went through, she has chosen her path by sheer willpower. For the affection of her child is instinctual, and really well worth the sacrifice. But she continued to live, in a state of weakness, to see me become an adult, get married, and have kids. One of the most famous women we know which is Kardashian West recounted the painful way of giving birth. Her placenta was removed after giving birth to her daughter North on her blog, ‘My doctor had to stick his entire arm in me and detach the placenta with his hand, scraping it away from my uterus with his fingernails,’ she wrote. ‘How disgusting and painful” And that has proven that a mother sacrificed her life to give birth to us.


Anything that a mother does for her children is time she should do for herself. That is why people who do not have children commonly cease of being egocentric and self-serving. They get used to considering themselves and don’t reflect on consideration on others’ needs. I believe that every mom has her own set of challenging circumstances specific to her and no individual has it more difficult or simpler because a mother no longer includes a manual. Some mothers have to go to work every day to get money just to raise us right and get everything that we want. She had to cancel her plans with her friends just to pick us up from school. She’d stay all night with a sick baby, work fingers to bone on a school project after putting in hours at the office, painstakingly plans beautiful birthday parties, sacrificing her own mental, physical and emotional energy all the time in favor of the needs of everyone else. Some might have to sacrifice their dream to become a housewife. For example, Elizabeth Hurley sacrificed her movie career to concentrate on raising her six-years old son. It’s so hard sometimes when being a mother means lack of time for themselves, lack of understanding from others including their husband, having to deal with everything including work while exhausted, and being criticized by anyone for everything just because, they are being expected to be the perfect mother, wife and professional while being chronically tired and sleep deprived. Mothers are very strong and all they could think of is when they look at their child and it’s all worth it. All the chaos, they would still treasure their child and it’s their little miracle.

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What are Issues Faced by Modern-day Moms?

As kids grow up, they expect mothers to understand their feelings and needs. The environment and neighborhood in which our mothers grew up might be a lot different from the present scenario. So, the kid might expect their mother to know everything up to date. Of course, not all the kids are same. It’s not compulsory for mothers to know all the things that the child is interested in. But our mother must have tried to understand our interests and motivated us towards following it. Our mother had her own plans about their kids but when she realized that we had our own dream, she was the first person to stand with us. Furthermore, at some point in our ‘growing up stage’, kids tend to deviate from all the morals and values taught to them. So, for the mother, steering them towards the right path is another challenge.

Struggling to Teach Good Values

Just like a garden where you can look after, tend and maintain a garden and see signs that tell you the garden is doing beautifully in the short term. Foliage, flowering and signs of growth and health may be present. Such signs are essential, but they do not necessarily predict, guarantee or demonstrate what the future will look like. Children who talks with you, share about their day, their highs, their lows, their frustrations and their joys. You may have kids who simply want to play, eat, and do stuff of their own. Any of these things may be as much a symbol of a happy and as a symbol of an unhappy child. Nowadays, some mothers, for example girls at age 17 giving birth to a child are struggling to teach their child a good value because they are still immature and still have a lot to learn.

Lawrence Kohlberg

Researcher, Kohlberg, Lawrence, 1984, Essays in Moral Development (Volume 1: The Philosophy of Moral Development), Harper and Row, 1981; Volume 2: The Psychology of Moral Development, San Francisco: Harper and Row. who wrote an article on ‘12 Values You Must to Teach Your Child in 2020’? In his article, he collects important information about raising a better kid and becoming better at parenting. In his article ‘12 Values You Must to Teach Your Child in 2020’ he conveys a lot of information and ways to teach good values.

How to Teach Good Values?

One of important thing to teach good values is to teach your child to respect. Be respectful of them. Treat them the way you expect that others will be handled. Do a problem-solve way together so they can get what they want. Include thoughts on how to work around the requirements of others. Even when they don’t feel it, it’s much easier for children to behave respectfully if they have been appreciated, seen what respect looks like, and been helped to be respectful. One of the biggest obstacles to respecting children’s learning is that conventional parenting is extremely disrespectful to children. Parents have historically treated children in ways they would never treat an adult they cared for in their relationship. “You can’t be hungry!” “You’ve just eaten” or “Shut the door!” “Were you born in a barn?’ ‘No, you can’t have another cookie. You’ve had enough”. Conventionally, raising children is an endless stream of instructions. Picture you’re old and decrepit, and your child is repeating it back to you. And children understand that certain types of answers are okay ways to treat people. If you mean to act appropriately by behaving, then coach the child beforehand. Let them know what the situation is going to be like and how individuals are expected to act. But don’t assume that knowing is the same thing that knowing can do. Be with your baby. Be something they are also unable to be. Let them see how they’re doing. If the child really can’t behave as required by a situation, then get them out of there. Trust that they’re doing the best they can.


Today we are all here because of our mother. We should never disrespect our mother, don’t ignore and underestimate her sacrifices. She gives us wonderful life, she raises us better than she had been, and she would always keep trying to give better than she ever had. She never wishes her children unwell, even in her wildest dreams. A mother will always try show us right path and being a motivator. A mother gives up all for their kids and forgive all mistakes made by kids.

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