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Albert Camus’ Idea of the Absurd Life

Camus’ entire philosophy is based on the idea of the absurd life. He argued that life is essentially meaningless. He started his argument on the absurdity of life with the statement “There is only one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide”. For others, a life without meaning is a life not worth living, and this statement by Camus will make us think how could a person make his or her life meaningful, and if suicide is the possible...
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The Idea of Nihilism

Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, claiming the death of God, forced the largest announcement upon the Western culture. The world that was built by faith, all of a sudden became irrelevant of all its value. Years of being reliant on a divine being to explain our existence, our society was advancing and discovering new information about the world we live in. In by no means was it ever intentional to completely dispose of the Christian faith, but with the rise of science,...
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Analysis of The Myth of Sisyphus: Arguments for Nihilism and Its Evaluation

Introduction Nihilism, as the latin name for it describes, literally means “nothing”. It was a developing philosophy primarily during the time of Nietzsche when he had proclaimed his famous quote that “God is dead”. Nietzsche had simply believed that as people evolved, God was no longer needed as a means of meaning and order in the lives of people. Free will was the major idea being thrown around at the time, as well as beliefs in humanism and existentialism. People...
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Essay on Friedrich Nietzsche and Albert Camus In Existentialism: Analysis of The Myth of Sisyphus

In Existentialism, there are many figureheads like Jean-Paul Sarte, Søren Kierkegaard, Martin Heidegger, and many others with different key doctrines. Freidrich Nietzsche and Albert Camus are important to the Existentialist Movement with Nietzsche being a pioneer for the movement and Camus writing many books and novels with Existentialist ideas. With Camus, it was absurd and with Nietzsche, it was the will to power. Both have similarities and differences Albert Camus was a French Algerian novelist who, denied being a philosopher,...
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Albert Camus's and Friedrich Nietzsche's Views on the Meaning of Life

The ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ and Nietzche’s concept of “the camel, lion, and child” discuss the meaning of life. Their topics debate whether life is meaningful and if it is, how does an individual find it. Both authors share their belief of existentialism. While Nietzsche explores the possibility of life having meaning, Camus proposes a new idea of accepting and living a life devoid of meaning. Both philosopher’s philosophies reject Christianity as a means of discovering value in the universe....
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Critical Analysis of Richard Taylor's Article “The Meaning of Life”: Examples of Sisyphus, Glowworm and Cicada

The article I decided to read and master for this week is written by Richard Taylor titled “The Meaning of Life” on pages 560-569. I think everybody at some point in life will ask the question, what the meaning of life is or what is my purpose. Taylor has a different approach to answering that question, he wants us to think about what a meaninglessness life looks like. Taylor’s central argument is the meaninglessness of life. Taylor gives three different...
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Analysis of Albert Camus' Idea of the Absurd in the Context of Physicians' Professional Activity

Viktor Frankyl, a holocaust survivor recounts his time in Aushwitz in his book, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. He found that while himself and others suffered through one of the greatest tribulations in history, they were still able to find meaning among the suffering and thus were building resilience against ungodly misery. Frankyl believed that by changing one’s attitude of suffering, meaning could be found – “everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human...
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Richard Taylor's Life and The Myth of Sisyphus: Analytical Essay

The story explains the literary significance of way life by the famous author Richard Taylor is quite fascinating and philosophical. He commences the writing by rhetorically demanding an accurate reflection of answers to some life’s situations. In the story of his narration, he puts forth that this as somewhat hard philosophical inquiry and decides to restate what meaninglessness it is to conceptualize the other side of the coin: meaningfulness. The author inquires the audience who read his book to flashback...
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Critical Analysis of The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus

I have not prepared for life or even college in the most traditional manner: I didn’t always have a place to call home, I didn’t have happily married parents, I didn’t have a town that I could grow up in; rather I lived in and out of different homes, I was raised by a single mother, and moved to a new school every year (sometimes more). But, I was also born with everything: a mother that loved me, people who...
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Representation of Camus’s Idea of the Absurd through the Story of Sisyphus: Analytical Essay

According to Albert Camus, the Absurd is man’s impossible search for meaning in life arising from our desire to understand the world and our existence but never being able to. Camus expands upon this idea by stating that the only response to the absurdity of life is Revolt and not suicide. In this essay, I argue in support of Camus’ view that Revolt is essential because both physical and philosophical suicide represent giving up. Revolt is the only way for...
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Reflection on Albert Camus's Essay 'The Myth of Sisyphus'

‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ is a philosophical essay by Albert Camus in which Camus presents his philosophy of the absurd. The absurdity consists in opposing the fundamental human need to give meaning to life and the response ‘unreasonable silence’ of the Universe. The main idea of Camus is that the world and existence are absurd. According to Camus, we can relate our existence to that of Sisyphus who, having made the Gods angry, is condemned to push a huge stone...
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