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The Nature Vs Nurture: Human Growth And Development

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Nature is how genetics shows our behaviour, personality traits and ability are nature, for example it is physical features for example eye colour, hair colour. Nature also assumes the connections between genetics and behaviours are responsible for a child’s characteristics of learning. For example, a child is born and has innate abilities to learn and progress without influencing factors. Piaget believed that the children are independent in their learning and that their learning and development was self-centred and guided. “Nature refers to all of the genes and hereditary factors that influence who we are- from our physical appearance to our personality characteristics.” (Cherry, K. 2020).

Nurture is the emotions so this could be sad emotion and happy emotions, but it assumes that connections environmental factors and psychological outcomes are caused environmentally, for example, the amount of time a parent spends with their child reading and writing will impact the child’s abilities to learn this skill. Nurture could be environmental upbringing, life experiences, to behave in certain ways. Vygotsky believed in the nurture aspect of the debate. He thought the child to be a social being and that their learning was led by the social interactions with other role models. “Nurture refers to all the environmental variables that impact who we are, including our early childhood experiences, how we are raised, our social relationships, and our surrounding culture.” (Cherry, K. 2020).

The case study I am doing is the one about the three identical strangers. With this they were split up at birth and they all went to diverse types of households. “Bobby had affluent lawyer parents, Eddy had a standard middle-class upbringing with teachers, while David lived in a more blue-collar background, raised by immigrant parents with English as their second language.” (Pearch T. 2020). Bobby and eddy were the first to discover each other this was because when bobby went to college everyone there thought he was eddy and eddy’s best friend knew straight away that they were twins, so Eddy’s friend and bobby went to Eddy’s house straight away to show eddy they were twins. This all went in the paper and that is when David saw that they all look the same, so he contacted them too. They all instantly bonded. This happened because they wanted to see what the siblings were like growing up apart and to see what similarities and differences, they all had when they were growing up. They would go to one house at a time and each time they went they would do the exact same thing every time to see how different the siblings were because all three were brought up with different lifestyles and diverse types of families and different households. Nature took part in this debate because they wanted to see what all three inherited from their parents for example all the hair was the same, and the hair colour, their eye colour, the way they walk, some of their body language was inherited from their parents. Then nurture would be what they have experienced or have picked up from peers or their adopted families.

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Environmental impacts a person’s development through the life stage because with environment it can impact in both ways positive and negative, for example with the negative side first if you are not living in a positive environment such as a positive household or surrounded by positive people, then the impact could be negative if you were in school and you had work from home, so that could affect their grades at school, which could affect your mental health very badly. Then a positive way to look at environmental impacts could be if you live in a positive environment then your mental health will be a lot better, you will be able to complete work so that means you will not fall behind. So that will impact your life positively.

Unemployment effects on a person’s development through the life stages. It affects both negative and positive, the negative impacts could make you feel disappointed in yourself for losing this job or that you cannot find a job so they will be unhappy and trying to look for something could be quite hard for them. No money will be coming into your bank and if you have a family and a house that will be quite bad because you cannot pay things off with the house and you cannot buy your family things, because they have no money coming in to pay things that could really affect them. But if we think of some positive impacts, they could be that you get to spend more time with your family, but if you are at work all the time then you cannot spend as much time with them so at least they all get to spend time with each other.

Education can impact on a person’s development through the life stages. Education is most important for the life stages childhood and adolescents. Education affects positively because it instructs children and teenagers new things, and it helps achieve new things. But some negative things about education could be that there is a lot of pressure when learning new things and to be able to pass a subject in education.

A significant life event for infancy could be a death of a relative, or it could be a death of their mother, that would cause a big life event because infants rely on their mother for milk if they were breast fed, they rely on their parents so much and if they have died in an accident then they will no longer have them to rely on. A significant life event for childhood could also be a death of a relative because children depend on their loved ones around them to support and love them. Children need the support when going through education they need the support of their relatives; it would also be so unexpected to them as well. with adolescences their significant life event could be puberty, puberty is the time in life when a boy or girl becomes sexually mature. It causes physical changes and affects for both boys and girls differently. With females the pituitary gland sends a message to the ovaries to release a hormone called oestrogen. A hormone is a chemical substance that create an effect and oestrogen makes many body changes happen. With males a message is sent to the testicles to produce the hormone, testosterone. Some primary sexual characteristics are present at birth for example vaginas for females and penis for males, some changes in males can include, penis enlarges, testicles grow, and sperm is produced. Some changes in females are that sexual organs grow, and ovulation and menstruation begin. Secondary sexual characteristics are those that appear through puberty, such as breasts in females and facial hair for males. Some changes in males will include pubic hair growing, as well as facial hair growing, and their voice deepens. Some changes in females can include, pubic hair growing, their breast develop, and their hips widen. this shows the significance it has on adolescences. A significant life event for early adulthood could be moving out of your parent or guardians’ home and moving to your own home, this could be a significant life event because moving out will leave them with all types of feelings for example worried, scare, but also excited

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