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The Necessity and Importance of Ethics

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Ethics are the moral guidelines that recommend people’s behaviors on the concepts of good and bad conduct. It is based on the guidelines of safeguarding the interest of promoting justice and honesty among people (The Law Society n.d.). They help people respond in the correct manner to the moral questions they face. In this case, ethic supports the law because the parents are given justice and also the child is taken back to her natural parents.

Firstly, the parents were drug addicts but they are now rehabilitated. Having gone through the court system for the years: were rehabilitated, their child were taken away from them, they deserved justice. The parents have the right to take care of their child and to be released from the court. It would be unethical if they were not given their daughter back to them even after going through the rehabilitation processes.

Additionally, since the parents are alive and ready to care for their child, it is ethical to give the daughter back to her real parents. Being a minor, the girl has no right to make her own decision on who to stay with. She has the right to stay by her parents until when she attains 18 years and above when she can make her own decisions.

Why we need ethics

Ethics are values and guidelines that together with the law and rules, they regulate a profession. They ensure right and proper conduct in the daily practice of law. There are a number of importances of ethics in the legal professions. These are; provision of guidance to the actions of people, promoting integrity and honesty among the legal professions and promotion of the rule of law and justice access.

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Firstly, if lawyers do not stick to the promotion of justice, fairness and equity to all, the laws will be undermined and the public would not have confidence to the laws. This gives the legal professions a responsibility in the society as the pillars of the rule of law and protectors of the human rights of the individuals (UN basic Principles on the role of lawyers). Therefore the lawyers must uphold the concept of the rule law through ethical standards.

Secondly, ethics provides good tools for people to think about their moral issues (BBC, n.d.). Ethics is not only concerned with moral issues but also the goodness of the individuals and living a good life. People will be guided by the ethics before doing their actions whether right or wrong. This helps promote and uphold the law since it eases law breaking.

Immigration and morals

According to the Merriam-Webmaster dictionary, morals are the principles and values of right or wrong in behaviors or conduct of people. Breaking the immigration rules and laws of the United States willingly is also breaking moral issues. It is also immoral for the employers to employ illegal immigrants knowing that it is unlawful. Illegal immigration to the United States is a moral issue because there are legal ways which would have given them legal access to the country.

Firstly, these immigrants would have used the legal ways to enter the country; through visas and legal documentations. The immigrants are breaking the immigration laws knowing the consequences of their actions. Increase in the number of immigrants in the United States increases the threat of the country’s national security; therefore immigrants should use morals to find a legal way to get in the country. Due to the rapid growth of immigrations in the United States, a moral issue must be developed to focus on the policies on immigrants (Fasoro, 2019).

Additionally, the employers should be charged for letting the immigrants in their workplaces without proper documentations. It is immoral for the employers to employ people who have immigrated to the country knowing that it is not in accordance to the laws.


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