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The Need for a Rehabilitation Program for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury

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Nearly 350,000 veterans suffer from a traumatic brain injury each year. Which is in a range of about 23%. Veterans go through a lot, when they are on the battlefield. Veterans fight for our freedom, which is why I’m writing about why Holzer Rehabilitation should create a program specifically for veterans with brain trauma because the rehab will aid in the different types of brain injuries, give vets the tools to cope with whatever they used to act out, help the vets get the treatment they need to help better their minds.

Brain trauma is very traumatic. The effects may be short term or long-term depending on the incident. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one thing veterans go through. The experience of war is beyond the human mind. They don’t think it’s bad, but whenever they step foot onto the battlefield their whole perspective of everything changes. They go through depression, and anxiety. Doctors think they can fix these mental health issues, although they make things worse by their alterations of the mind by creating health effects.

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Acting out is one of the biggest ways they ‘let loose’ of all the stress and trauma. Causes of them going back to the battlefield put a major toll on their life. There is a negative changes and thoughts on their mood. They begin to hate themselves, feel guilty, shame for even participating in the war. Whenever they feel these emotions the act out by drinking, drugs, intensive anger, sometimes they even commit suicide. That is why we need to help them.

Treatment is a must to help them. Going on runs has always been a key to help with PTSD. It helps burn off the adrenaline, clear their minds, and feel less helpless. To help them feel less agitated, out of control, and anxious breathing helps. With any situation taking 100 breaths to focus your attention on something else. Loud noises, certain smells, and the texture of something are things that trigger their outbursts. Ways to help with that is to have them think of happy thoughts, which may include family photos, favorite songs, a favorite smell, and even petting an animal. Assisting loved ones with this is to remember that it’s not your fault for their breakouts, you have the power to help them cope with whatever they need.

In conclusion, brain injuries are not something to mess with. It is very stressful for those who have it. They go through random emotions in a span of 40 minutes. Their dreams set them back to a time when they are on the battlefield. Those dreams scare them to death that they react differently. Which is why it is a necessity to help them with this brain injury.

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