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The Need for Toughest Gun Laws in America

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For years, America has experienced gun violence and is getting worse with each passing year. Everyday over a hundred thousand Americans are killed by guns, what’s even more alarming is that it is very easy to get a gun from just about anywhere here in America. Most of these deaths are suicides and the rest are homicides and accidents. I have never experienced gun violence before because I stayed mostly indoors at home. There are over 393 million privately owned guns in the U.S and we know they will never go away. Manufacturing companies must be held liable for misuse to give them incentive to make firearms safer. Also, more rigorous gun laws should be established to make buying and owning a gun much more much more difficult as well as gun-violence restraining orders, meaning law enforcement can confiscate or temporarily bar a person from purchasing firearms.

There are over 10 states here in the U.S that have the weakest gun laws, states such as Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Vermont, and Arizona to name a few. Mississippi has one of the weakest gun laws in the nation and is growing continually weaker over the years which threatens the lives of Mississippi residents. However, Hawaii and California have the lowest gun death rate and the strongest gun laws, with California being ranked number one with the strictest gun laws in the U.S according to the article “These States Have The Most Restrictive Gun Laws in America” on a site called “Showbiz Cheat Sheet”. Another fact is that fewer people die from guns in states with strong gun laws whereas states with weak gun laws where more people die from guns. Moreover, women here in the U.S are 21 times more likely to be shot and killed with a gun than women in other countries that have high income and over 600 women are shot to death every year by their intimate partners which is sickening, women being shot to death by the person who is supposed to love and respect them not give in to their murderous impulse and take her life.

You may be thinking, “When will all of this bloodshed end?, “All the violence involving guns, shouldn’t we just ban all firearms in our country?”, ”Will it solve our nation’s gun violence problem?”. Well, I’d say no because it isn’t much of an option much less a good idea. The right to bear arms is our second amendment as you already know and it is a means to protect ourselves from our government should they try to overstep their bounds and infringe on our individual rights. Also, in order to repeal an amendment such as the 2nd Amendment, all requirements from Article V of the U.S Constitution would have to be met, in other words, it has to reflect the will of the people and not the State to be able to repeal an amendment. So it would be counterintuitive for the government to decide among itself that no citizen should have the right to carry or bear arms. Also, U.S citizens here are strongly supportive of their right to bear arms so they won’t hand over their firearms so easily on top of that it would cause an uproar which will result in another civil war with law enforcement forcing civilians to drop their guns. If that wasn’t enough it also lead to coast to coast pilfering firearms in America and lead to the resignation of thousands of authority figures in our nation that are not willing to enter the homes of gun obsessed owners, more importantly another civil that I have previously mentioned and the death toll will be far worse and will outnumber those killed by guns in previous and recent years. So we can all agree that we do not want another civil here in our country.

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Children and teens are also affected staggeringly by being shot to death, injured, or witnessing a family member or friend being killed by a gun. Black and Hispaninc children and teens are impacted by gun violence at dangerously higher rates than white children and teens because of intentional policy decisions which in turn created segregated neighborhoods and underinvestments in their communities. I call that which I have mentioned here systemic deprivation. Children and teens exposed to gun violence severely affects them psychologically and mentally for months if not the rest of their life because by then they’ll live in fear of being killed by a bullet. Unfortunately, many of our politicians are corrupt because all they care about is themselves.

Currently, there are a number of anti-gun violence trying to prevent and reduce gun violence so that we may make our our schools, neighborhoods,and our states safe for future generations to come. According to the statistics in ‘Gun Violence in Cities’ from the site Everytown, Black Americans represent the vast majority of homicide and nonfatal shooting victims in the U.S because of one attributing trend, where a city grows safe and more dangerous, to increase joblessness, segregation, and wealth inequality. Lawmakers need to be doing their job in this battle against gun violence by funding new research into new tools that will help law enforcement collect conclusive evidence, trace all gun crimes, reduce firearm trafficking, and solve gun crimes which will make us all feel safe and happy. We feel safe here in California most notbaly San Diego, because as I had previously mentioned that California has one of the most strictest gun laws in the nation and it is a good thing too so we don’t have to constantly look over our shoulders hoping that no one gets injured or killed. The other states who have weaker gun laws need to follow the examples of other states that have stronger gun laws to pass those laws in that have proven time and time again to prevent future casualties.

I hope that one day our nation will not only have the strictest gun laws in the world but to uphold the safety of residents here in our country with respect and equality.

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