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The Negativity Of Indifference Or Apathy

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Negativity is unfortunate and misfortunes endeavors that majorly results due to some people’s undoing or ignorance. Normally, human beings are exposed to all manners of emotionally, physically, and psychologically disturbing events and activities that might either lead to a state of indifference or apathy. The state of indifference is characterized by a lack of interest, concern, or even sympathy about an individual, society, event, or even a State policy. Equally, apathy is the inability to have enthusiasm or zeal for any sort of concern.

Consequently, concerns have been raised on whether indifference or apathy has the necessity of leading to something negative. This essay, therefore, affirms indeed if improperly handled at early stages of manifestation, indifference and apathy based on the definition may necessitate to something negative. Additionally, it elucidates how such situations may become dangerous hence the negativity.

Indifference makes an individual to be unable to distinguish situations. A state of indifference as a circumstance of no difference (Wiesel 4). Whenever an individual assumes or considers a situation as one that does not need any intervention, the situation is deemed to be normal. Lack of interest or concern may lead to an inability to sympathize with a situation however much harmful it is. Such happening may let a situation that can be controlled, avoided or prevented to happen. It creates the no difference mentality making a circumstance that might have been corrected to have a positive result is ignored. Therefore, indifference as a state of no difference may lead to something negative.

Additionally, agreeing to Wiesel that the state of indifference equals being inhuman while at the same time considers other people unimportant (8). Ideally, normalcy dictates that whenever a fellow human being is undergoing unbearable situations, there is supposed to be an intervening response. Due to the coldhearted nature of indifference an individual may lack the influence of their personal feeling or opinion on intervention in saving a situation. The act of unresponsiveness may lead to deaths or injuries of endangered individuals. Therefore, an individual may lose a life due to a situation that could have been saved by having interest, humanity, and the importance of life.

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Apathy as a lack of enthusiasm may also lead to the absence of a zeal that may get involved in an activity. Psychological research which is accepted scientifically that the drive to pursue a course entirely depends on one’s feeling of being part of it, (Seltzer 2). Therefore, in a situation where apathy guzzles an individual, it leads to a lack of personal interest, vehemence, and aptitude to follow up on a situation to its success and positivity. Moreover, a lack of eagerness to handle a condition with keenness and goodwill automatically affects the aftermath negatively. Therefore, apathy or indifference of an individual of a group of people in an organization spontaneously leads to undesirable and damaging results.

Furthermore, indifference may necessarily lead to something negative since it elicits no response (Glynn and Alexandra 7). It can hence be defined as more of a culmination than a commencement and more often of an associate to a rival which benefits the oppressor but not the casualty. It makes the less fortunate or privileged feel elapsed. Consequently, indifference may lead to a lack of response to vital issues and situates which in turn hurts the sparks of hope from individuals. Lack of response due to indifference or apathy may leave other people feeling less of human hence it is considered more of undeserved punishment.

The tempting nature of indifference make is more likely to lead to more negativities in many scenarios. According Wiesel indifference or apathy makes it easy for an individual to look away from targets of situations that might turn negative (5). Furthermore, apathy and indifference make interventions to save jobs, dreams, and hopes look obdurate, bothersome, and pain since it interferes with other people’s hope. Moreover, an indifferent person views others as futile and less important. Consequently, this nature of the living, operation, or implantation may lead to ignorance hence failure to save a situation that could otherwise turn out to be positive. Therefore, the tempting nature of indifference and apathy basically contributes to the negativity of various situations.

In conclusion, indifference and apathy may grossly and necessarily lead to something negative. Based on the definition of both indifference and apathy as a condition, no difference makes it difficult for an indifferent person to attempt in changing a situation which may consequently result in negativity. Additionally, the ability of indifference to view people as less human and important, make it problematic for an indifferent person to intervene in saving a situation. Furthermore, lack of enthusiasm and response due to indifference and apathy may also disinterest and indifferent a person to be reluctant in saving situations. Therefore, indifference and apathy naturally necessitate something negative.


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