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The Origin Of Big Bang Theory

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The origin of everything is important and worth knowing. You will know where, when and how everything around us began and formed. Where exactly did it all start?. When did this happen?. How did this happen?. Most people say that Big Bang Theory is the beginning of everything. Is it true that the origin of all is the Big Bang Theory that happened in n unexpected time?. Are there any other answers where is everything started that science couldn’t explain. Some of us believe that there is a reason why and where it all began. Some may believe that this is God’s plan.

When I was in high school, I always hear the word Big Bang Theory and it is often taught that this is indeed the answer to the question of where everything is started and how did this happens. Having taught this many times, can it be said that we have enough knowledge about this theory? There is nothing we have yet to discover and there is something we need to know that has not been properly explained and taught us exactly what is Big Bang Theory is.

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According to Edwin Hubble, our universe is expanding and he noticed that the galaxy was moving further and further apart and at that moment the massive explosion of an extremely hot and infinitely small point began to be called, ‘Big Bang’. It was a joke referred to at that time but because of gathered and pile and evidence, its concept is accepted and stuck in the name of ‘Big Bang Theory’. After the explosion, the universe we know today is born and because of that, time, space and matter exist that only occur in seconds. The universe originated from a single point of concentrated energy and now bigger than what our minds can imagine. Because of the Big Bang Theory, particles, galaxies, stars, Earth and us were born.

The process of how Big Bang Theory is formed is similar to my experience when I was in high school in our art subject where we have to draw on what we want to do more and have in the future. I started drawing a small dot which was then added to a dot and so on. Then connect with a line to create an image. At first, it was blurry to find out what I was digging so I continued connecting the line and then gradually my desire image was formed. But it seems like something is missing and it’s still very simple. I colored it to make it more lively. What I did was a simple image of the sun, healthy and abundant trees, birds that fly freely in the sky and a happy family.

Perhaps to others, what I have done may simply be simple. As in the universe that continues to expand and grow. I believe that what I drew on our art subject then will continue to expand and grow even more in the future and in God’s perfect time.

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