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The Origin of Man and a Mankind: Analytical Essay

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Of all the planets of the solar system, only the Earth is not only inhabited, but also inhabited by highly developed intelligent beings. However, this was not always the case. A few million years ago, dinosaurs reigned on the planet, but suddenly they all died, leaving only bones as proof of their existence. Then life on the planet was revived again and the cause of this phenomenon scientists associate with evolution, and religious figures with God’s idea, with scientists denying God, and priests – dinosaurs. In the intervening times, the dispute has reached a large-scale bloody feud. Particularly fiercely argued in matters of the origin of the person. Darwin (1859) believes that man came from a monkey by natural selection method – it happened millions of years ago in Africa [4]. But the fundamental difference between humans and other animals is how his intellect appeared, and how and why a female began to menstruate, scientists do not explain. It should be pointed out that for the last 5000 years of human history, descriptions of the unexpected appearance of a new species of animals, is not registered. Scientists find unknown species of animals in hard-to-reach places of the planet, but they have existed for a long time. Breeders manage to change, beyond recognition, known species of animals, such as dogs, but they cannot change their DNA and when they interbreed with each other they again take the same form. Mendel (1865), who described the rules of domination and the regularity of combining heredity units in hybrids and the rule of splitting innate traits, left unanswered the origin of life on Earth. Although he explained the principle of adapting species to existence when living conditions on the planet changed [2]. It is written in the Bible that God created man (Adam) from the ashes of the earth [1]. The ashes are what remain after the death of living beings. Dinosaurs, for example, left ashes – information about their DNA in the remnants of a protein substance buried in a tooth canal. ‘The earth was unseen and empty, and darkness over the abyss, and the Spirit of God was carried over the water.'[3]. Based on the Bible, God decided to create a being (human) ‘in the image of ours and our likeness’ and then ‘blessed them with God, and God told them; breed and multiply, and fill the earth, and possess it.'[3]. How Adam’s creation was directly occurring is not specified in the Bible, only the information that he had his first wife was Lilith. Where it came from is unknown, only described as a red-haired ‘best’ of marvelous beauty. But all her efforts to have children from Adam ended for her to no avail, and then she rushed with demons in an unknown direction. From the point of view of modern science, the main cause of infertility is rhesus-conflict. Perhaps Lilith was rhesus negative, and Adam – rhesus positive and then her infertility can easily be explained. Based on the Bible, for the first man, God created a wife out of his rib. Thus, there are two theories of human origin, in literature they are opposed to each other, which was the reason for the search for ways to bring science and religion closer together in this article. The period of cave-like atheism has now passed. Only mentally disabled people do not believe in God. Russia, on the other what it has caused incalculable troubles, has brought incalculable troubles and one has only to wonder how it survived in this obscurantism.

Material and methods

The entire history of mankind can be used as materials and methods of research. Now the continents, peninsulas and islands of our planet are violently inhabited by people, that is, the desire of God, which arose in Him, when He was carried over the water. But when creating a man from the ashes of the earth, he had some difficulties – in the DNA was a specific factor, which was inherent only to creatures that used to live on Earth. When searching for creatures with a similar factor in DNA, it was found in only one small monkey that survived a worldwide catastrophe (20th century this creature was determined – it turned out to be rhesus macaque). And then this monkey was used by Him to create a male human being (Adam) – this DNA He immersed in the cavity of her uterus, for only this creature will not reject the nascent human embryo. When the experiment was successful, that is, the embryo took root, and perhaps was born, Lilith took part in his upbringing, as only she was then on Earth a sentient being. It is now well known that if a child stays in a pack of monkeys, wolves and other animals before the age of 3, he will never become a human being. However, children were needed to complete this idea, and then he decided to create a wife for Adam – an exact copy of him. To do this, under general anesthesia his rib was taken, and then from the bone marrow channel removed stem cell, from it removed Y chromosome and duplication X. So the female genome appeared. Again, rhesus macaque was used to create a female human being, and again Lilith was involved in her ‘education.’

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The result of the

This is how the male and female male and female males appeared. And this happened in Africa, because only there lived and lived rhesus macaque. And this human being was black and small. It’s worth remembering. That on this continent and now live people – pygmies, the growth of which sometimes is only 70-80 cm and they are reasonable and an exact copy of the more stalwart human beings.


The analysis of the Bible showed that the main data on human origin and human development can be explained from a scientific point of view. It is deeply regrettable that people behave so recklessly about the truth. They are vicious and vindictive. In fact, wars are ongoing. People tortured and tortured each other, they clearly do not follow God’s instructions, and He sacrificed even his Son, so that we would come to our senses, but we are deaf and blind, and some perceive the Bible as a fairy tale. We sometimes use this mind to destroy the Earth, which we did not create, but only inhabited. We behave abhorrently, and everything may end in contempt on his part, and He will turn away from us, and then the End of the Light is inevitable. For this reason, all measures must be taken to prudence. It seems at first glance that there are contradictions in evolution and religion, and in fact they complement each other. A legitimate question arises, and what was Lilith from another planet, for example, from Sirius? It seems that this was the case – it was brought to Earth to create humans. And she didn’t have rhesus, a factor. When Eve stood firmly on her feet, Lilith flew to her planet and Adam’s wife she was not. It should be noted that all people, despite their striking difference from each other, the same structure of the genome, which allows them to easily reproduce regardless of race, and our number has now reached 7 billion. This shows that we all descended from Adam and Eva. Yet the other events that have happened to them are both the knowledge of sin and the expulsion from Paradise are not scientific, but morally social, and for this reason this article is not considered. The same applies to demigods with negative Rhesus factor, who came from space to contact with earthly women, and dramatically changed the appearance of white people (people of the black and yellow race rhesus negative faces do not have). Currently, representatives of the Indo-European (white) race rhesus of negative persons, excluding the country, average sat out 14% (from 11% to 20%). This suggests that the loss of the Rhesus factor was not caused by an accidental mutation, but by a massive contact with aliens from other worlds, that is, as narrated in the Bible. Other factors, including agglutinogens and agglutinins, were also used in the creation of races.


In the origin of man should take into account the information that is available, both in the Bible and in the evolutionary theory of the origin of species. This will stabilize people’s relations with each other, reduce the danger of nuclear war and improve the planet. Analyzing this article, the reader may be perplexed and even indignant – as one can talk about His difficulties – God cannot have them! He’s God! But why then would He sacrifice his Son for us, and take immediately and eradicate evil and save his life. His criticism is inappropriate and even blasphemous, but God created us in his image and likeness, and therefore allowed us to reason, but not to sing! The truth comes out to Him the most expensive, and therefore it is possible to reason.

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