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The Outsiders: the Theme of Social Classes

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In The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, there is a common theme of class divide rich vs poor and greasers vs socs. In the novel The Outsiders is about two gangs on each side of a town. The socs and the greasers, who have a destructive rivalry and are very different. However throughout the course of the novel their true characteristics are proven to be fundamentally the same. Each side has its differences, for example, their opposing dress codes. The Greasers are generally stereotyped as no good, rotten to the core hoods, while the Socs manage to become away with their crimes since they are on the social ladder.

While the Socs and the Greasers see the world quite differently; their backgrounds are dramatically different, however they during the novel, the reader begin to see how much they have in common underneath all the clothes and cars. Both gangs become involved in crimes and trouble but the image of the Socs help to keep them safe. The Greasers often take blame for the crimes of the Socs, purely because it is assumed that they are the culprits by the people. The Socs were causing a lot of trouble in the school cafeteria, throwing silverware and stuff, everybody tried to blame it on the Greasers.

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The Greasers rarely even eat in the cafeteria. This is because of the Socs calmer image, they cause as much trouble as the Greasers but their social status makes them less likely to be accused. They have a clean look compared to the Greaser rebellious look. The obvious differences in the dress code of the gangs further their separation. But they still maintain similarities; they are both violent gangs, with a particular style and look that they default to. They both have an anti-authoritarian approach to life.

They both find pain in money, the Greasers face issues with poverty, while the Socs face problems that are tied to wealth. “Things are rough all over” cherry says to Ponyboy, summing up the issues that each side faces. Both groups are simply teenagers trying to find their way in life. Pony notices that the sun in the east sets just as the sun in the south, signifying that they all The Greasers and the Socs are, at the end of it all; ultimately the same and very little separates them. They fight, rebel, and stay loyal to each other no matter the circumstances or the situation.

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