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The Parthenon as a Temple for Athena

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I personally love Greece and there are numerous reasons why I love this beautiful country. Not only about their history but how the country is so beautiful and how is located at the southeast end of Europa, and geographically. You can see where its located on a map, and surrounded by neighboring countries such as Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and Turkey. There are numerous reasons and interesting things to do in Greece, those you can discover about this country and you only have this particular experience in Greece like the country on his north side of the Mediterranean Sea, east of the Ionian Sean and bordered by the Aegean Sea in the east. Greece is the most mountainous country in the continent and Greece mountains are about 80% of it. Greece’s climate has been divided into 3 classes: Mediterranean climate a mild, their wet winters, and hot and dry summers. Another famous side of Greece, it’s capital call Athens. It was named in honor of the greek goddess Athena, who was a goddess of wisdom and war. It was the birthplace of civilisation, where democracy was first created and most of the wise men of ancient times. I am planning to go for my next summer vacation, I am so ready to visit this country mostly Santorini.

The details of The Parthenon was designed by Ictinus and Callicrates, it is made entirely of a marble from Mount Pentelicus also called Pentelic marble and stands approximately eighteen meters high, mountain range enclosing the attic plain on its northeast but within the department in Greece. These selections were precisely made for these materials of the Parthenon were chosen with many points to be considered and ensured their future. The Mount Pentelicus offered an excellent marble for many of the buildings and sculptures, which was taken from of Athens in the 5th and 4 th centuries BC. Ictinus and Callicrates wanted to achieve an appearance of perfection on the Parthenon. They did this by reducing in the center and giving an impression where they could be viewed as straight from all of the sides. Ictinus and Callicrates hired an artist who sculpted the art for the Parthenon.

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The details of the Parthenon floor is a Doric peripteral temple, which reported and consisted of a rectangular shape and a sequences of low steps on all the supports of the Parthenon. These marble were used as the building materials, which it was coming from the Mount pentelicus. This particular touch gave a luminent look when you see it on a sunny day. Lintels are supporting beams that span between columns were tied by bow-tie shape iron clamps to secure them. Sculptures were decorated from the pediments of the temple. The eastern pediment depicted the birth of athena and western pediment showed the battle between Athena and the sea god Poseidon for the control of Athens.

The interior was particular because it was supposed to be a place where you are close to your divinity, not a simple meeting place where you can do whatever you want. In the temple there is a representation of a traditional architecture of the temples in Greece: a rectangular box lifted as one comparatively small door, was a fenced in columns all around, a sketch which Greeks borrowed from the temples of Egypt. Usually the priests could enter the boxlike inside of the temple. The temple as a unique in its great size and decoration. Erected from 20,000 tons of beautiful attic marble, with 8 columns across ends instead of the 6 traditionally utilize in Doric style, and 17 instead of 13 along sides. The dimensions gave it enormous appearance conveying an impression of supremacy.

I suggest, to not change anything of this temple of Athena. It has a part of the story and history, we will never fix or bring to life. Even if we want. the Parthenon to better but we cannot change the fact that this is supposed to stay like this. It plays a huge part of the history of every single country in the world, and we fix it. I think we are changing the history and not maintaining anything or respect the true story of every man who works to build this beautiful temple. We tend to think if we fix it, we are helping by forgetting that we are losing that side of the history we need to keep and cherish.

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