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The Path to the Movement Toward Independence

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In North American colonies throughout the eighteenth century The Americans start noticing differences between the American and British politics. They start feeling threatened and taken advantage of by the British Government. We start seeing words like tyranny, liberty, equality, and slavery used a lot which gave way to the American Revolution. One of the persons that set path to the movement toward independence was Thomas Paine.

Thomas Paine was an english government official who argued for two things. One of them was independence from British government and secondly he wanted to create a democratic government for the colonies. He challenged the government by writing a pamphlet called ‘Common Sense” in 1776. When he wrote this pamphlet he made sure to use a common language. He claimed that the British government was granted too much power and authority. By using this simple yet direct language he was able to reach the ordinary citizens, giving them the opportunity to understand and to express their own frustrations of the unfair actions of the British Government. This pamphlet helped the American people support those individuals who were advocating independence for the North American colonies.

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Contrary to the favoritism of independence Samuel Seabury, a loyalist, was against it. Seabury differed from Paine because he supported the crown. In ‘Samuel Seabury’s Argument against Independence’ claimed, that anyone who advocated independence for the colonies will be responsible for the destruction of the British government. He feared what independence would mean to the colonies. He thought democracy was a tyrannic movement. As a loyalist and Anglican he favored and believed in a hierarchical society, mistrusted ordinary people and was convinced that one should only be devoted to God and the crown.

Another big moment towards independence, liberty and equality was seen in ‘Abigail and John Adams on Women and the American Revolution (1776)’ when Abigail Adams wrote her husband pleading him to keep the interest of women in mind as they prepared to battle Great Britain for independence. This letter was a first step in the fight for equal rights for women. She resented the ‘absolute power’ the government granted to men over their wives. She wanted for the women to be taken in consideration and protected under the new code of conduct. She also reminded him that women would not put up with any law in which they had no form of representation. She was a advocate no just for women’s right but also for education and was againast slavery.

While these movements worked to make way for independence in the colonies, aslo there was a movement developing as well in the African-American slave community. Slaves were also urging for freedom. A eleven year old girl named Phyllis Wheatly wrote a letter to Reverend Occom as a plea for the African slaves to have the same rights of freedom as everyone else. It was a petition for freedom. She claimed that all men were created equal to argue not only for freedom but also for their religious liberty.

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