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The Peculiarities And Importance Of Drama In Pre School

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Pre-school play and creative dramatics in today’s educational system remains the primary steps to pre-school education. This educational steps are important ways of articulating the persons feeling in a healthy manner; to improve the child’s imagination, to enable child to reflect and act independent, to improve the child’s group cognizance and supportive consciousness. Drama

provides the child both as personal and as an individual in the community to maximize his potential which is the target of all educational programs (Ömeroglu, 2006c). Drama is pedagogy that is founded on the notion of experiential learning (Glenn Pearce, 2006).


Drama is a process where participants are encouraged to explore, create, experiment, and discover. It is a process in which they may be using or developing the skills of a performer (Kelin 2009).

Drama remains as an action which can be measured essentially in the learning process. It helps children and teacher in many methods and have several mental benefits. Drama is a field that makes the individual active, and affects the cognitive, affective, dynamic, and social aspects of a person. (Aysem Tombak, 2014).

Types of Drama

Drama imitates human conduct in the usage of a story through acting and dance. Drama can be generally classified into three diverse forms. It would opera, pantomime, and creative drama.

  • Opera: A form was accepted cordially during the Revival period due to its flexibility.
  • Pantomimes: These were poised with protecting the subject of folk stories as the major component and representation occupying a noticeable spot.
  • Creative drama: It is the contemporary sort of theatre, which was disseminated typically by youths, possessing inborn drama abilities. Platform appearances and dramas were structured in institutes and schools, which provided a stage for students to show their ability.

There are 4 diverse types of theatre that can be used in preschool. It makes learning more impressive because students get the idea that dramatic events are fun and so they are unperturbed and produce more


A humor play makes us laugh when the play is well- produced with the hilarious features. The story is typically based on actual characters, funny practices in natural life, or any type of fun-filled circumstances. A amusing drama can also be cynical and coarse. The tone of the drama is soft and has pleased completions most of the time. Putting together a funny drama entails a great level of understanding and sensitive capabilities, because inciting laughter is not easy and takes a lot of preparation.


It is one of the first-born methods of drama. It depicts the difficulty and misery of humans to the viewers. The seamless sample of a sad drama is Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The subject of a tragedy usually rotates about the wrecks of a reign, collapse of man, expressive infidelities, ethical delay, individual loss, demise, and rejections. A calamity when poised and indorsed well can have an impact on you intensely. These seldom have pleased finales.


Stage show is amplification of feelings. It’s noticeable by outpouring of reactions, which is a method to make the personality and the plan more interesting to the watchers who are watching the drama. People may not get a round of applause in a melodrama as it can occasionally flop. This is due too much display of feelings and it turns out to be dull. On the contrary, a splendidly performed stage show plan, can captivate you complete self in it. These are frequently portrayed by the decent and wicked phases of the appeals elaborated.


Dance, melody and song, plays a momentous role in a melodic drama. The musical will tell a story which is taken through melody and dance laterally with conversations and drama. The composition should be in tandem with the movements, and the actor regularly uses dance as a resource of self -expressiveness. There may be an ensemble group who is well practiced with the plan and the usage of melody. Melodic drama turn out to be extensive as opera, which is still reflected to be passionately affective.

A drama can be classified into the types as expressed above, yet people like to tryout their expertise to yield several new varieties. The drama can be sustained in a solo plan with a combination of all these key arrangements to provide a flavor to the viewers. The theatre gets carved into the thoughts of the watchers when the implementation of the script is translated into the platform presentation, and the harmonization between group members are completely flawless. It creates a deep impression.

Importance of Drama in child education

There are a lot of recognized study carried out on the affirmative impacts from drama, especially on young children. The benefits are bodily, passionate, social, and they help to cultivate a healthy appreciation of values and talents. Every day my teachers witness first-hand the welfares of drama for young children.

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Drama builds confidence

Aspects of performing arts, especially improvisation, helps children to understand how to appraise situations and be more confident going into unfamiliar situations. Students learn to trust their ideas and abilities. Confidence gained from learning performing arts skills applies to school, career, and life. Even shy of children in our preschool take just a few weeks to gently build up their self-confidence and slowly becomes confident to take a full and active part in drama sessions. A constant positive coaching is required.

Drama helps concentration

In every drama sessions our children are encouraged to listen to each other’s thoughts and views and to take turns. These activities allow children to identify the value of concentration; a skill that is crucial in the outer surroundings of their home. Playing, practicing, and performing will improve the capability and talents to be able to focus the mind, the body, and the voice.

Drama helps develop language and communication skills

Learning new songs, playing new games and joining in fictitious play, all contribute to a child’s developing verbal and nonverbal communication vocabulary. They are encouraged to express themselves both verbally and through facial expression and body language. This is the vital in making them better communicators. This benefits young children through their life. It improves vocal projection, articulation, tone of speech and expression including listening and observation skills.

Drama encourages children to cooperate

Cooperation is required in every aspect of drama, games including singing together. Children quickly realizes that to get the best out of drama or play sessions, cooperation is a much-needed skill. Merging the creative ideas and the abilities of all children is required for the finest effects in a drama. This requires all those taking part to engage in rehearsing the script well to ensure the performance becomes flawlessly with the help of teachers feedback.

Drama supports numeracy skills

Drama can also help children in their numeracy skills. Counting the number of beats in a preschool song can help them in counting. In our daily sessions the numbers are introduced by using their fingers that includes flash cards for recognition. The use of percussion in a drama can help to develop essential numeracy skills.

Drama supports children to appreciate the world around them

My teachers frequently search for a range of different subjects and introduce their children to a diversity of real and make-believe situations each week. This helps in sparking the children interest in the world in which they live and making them more inquisitive little people. Being imaginative and learning to make resourceful choices helps children to be better at thinking of new ideas. Einstein indicated that imagination is more essential than understanding.

Drama develops empathy

Children are constantly encouraged to act out a range of emotions in the safe and supportive environment of a drama class. Understanding characters and roles of a drama, allows children to relate better to different situations, experiences, and beliefs. It inspires them to show empathy and acceptance for others. This enables each child to understand the feelings of the other.

Drama assists physical fitness

In a drama we teach children to play simple percussion instruments. There will be two groups. One playing the instruments and the other the drama. We create simple movement sequences such as stamping the leg and play drama games. All this can be a part of designed to help children gain mastery over their growing bodies. These movements sequences performed in a drama can help improve flexibility, coordination, balance, and control.

Drama develops creativity

Our children in preschool are taught through thematic approach. This approach helps in the improvisation and imaginary play that encourages the development of creativity as our children can lead the direction of the drama themselves. They too can come up with answers to complications in role and respond creatively to a range of pretend situations. Creative children can view things in new ways and from different viewpoints. They can think sensibly and generate new ideas.

Drama nurtures friendships

Our teachers have noticed that drama can create strong bonds between children as they laugh, learn and grow together every week. Drama brings elements of play, humor, and laughter to those children taking part. It improves their enthusiasm and reduces anxiety and tension.

The progress of drama and role at first, may not meet the objectives but improvisation can be done progressively. The word “help” in the drama gives children the idea to understand others in a situation of compassion. The communication language used indicates that something has gone wrong and needs immediate attention. The verbal expression and physical action of friends to aid a friend who is “trapped” in the forest is seen and understood. The role played by the children in the drama in repetition would overcome the fear of acting. Finally when the “trapped” friend is freed, the teachers would anticipate that every child in the drama would have gain self-confidence.


Drama helps children to discover that it is necessary to live with other people in a harmony and cooperation with them (Önder, 2007). Drama is a key component of children education where they start to understand how to concentrate and build individual confidence. It helps in the language of communication verbally and physically through their actions. The language literacy is enhanced.

It leads children to use their minds to creatively wonder, hands to experiment and words to share ideas. It nurtures friendship and empathy and help children overcome fear.

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