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The Peculiarities of Biomedical Ethics

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​In the Vaughn’s 3rd Ed new text concerning bioethics in bio-medical issues, principalities and cases. The texts does exploration to matters pertaining philosophy, medicine issues, social and even legal main effective bioethical issues. It does introduction to the ethical matters in the medical operations. It extents to bringing effect to through bioethics and even the moral intelligence. Vaughn’s text envelops most personal drives, moral beliefs and also the routine for evaluating them. This new edition owns several characteristics that boost bioethical issues plus the most educational forms. This editorial text shows that it is one of the highly aggravated plus issues affecting issues topics about bioethics. The educative characteristics of this text include the classic case files of the new edition of Vaughn’s text. Referencing to all the bioethical issues rose in chapters 6-10 in relation to issues in chapter 2. I stand to defend my own position on the issues raised.

​In chapter two of the Vaughn’s text, there is an amazing of backgrounds on some basic philosophical instruments. The chapter brings out vividly the moral theories in relation to bioethics. It also provides ethical ideas, theory and also some principalities. It has a very good elaborative instruction and good standard educative techniques. It consequently highlights important classical cases and legal explanations. In this chapter, touched is bioethics and moral beliefs in connection to bioethics. Theories in this chapter are used with aim to explaining how things are done, just like in science. In bioethics, moral theories have a similar duty. Moral theories have a focus on the reason why particular deeds are considered rightful. It further digs on why things are referred wrong as well as peoples bad and good features. The use of moral theories in this chapter two of the book may bring out on the reason on why some characters are said to right or wrong. The theory also elaborate to people on what certain specific characteristics make individuals good or bad. In bioethics, moral theories befits in day to day moral reasoning and beliefs of right deeds. Beginning with moral theories, it may have moral impact on moral discussions that contains both moral and non-moral premises. A moral premise contains a moral principle, rule or claim, that directly concerns use of moral beliefs.

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​In chapter 5 and 6 of Vaughn’s text it talks of search on information through raiding individuals consent. In this chapter, there arises the question of what is the ethical codes position to conduction of research to people being unable to giving well codified consent. It also looks at the times placebo control can be justified. It further checks on the balance that code looks at in between the interests of science or else the society in relation to those of the human matters. It also answers the question of if there would be any need to seek the consent and research protocols. The value of the human being should take precedence over the interests of science and the society. In this chapter 5 and 6 of the Vaughn’s bioethics: principle, issues and case, the many medical code of contact questions gets answered. The chapters witness address of greater issues concerning bioethics. There must be ethics of medical research; else there could be great misuse of private information of a person.

​Relating chapter two of the book with chapter 5 and 6 of the text, there was argument that for a rationalist to compare two random treatments is a morally permissible thing. Angeli supported the idea by justifying the importance of it through his saying that investigators/researchers should be a state of equipoise. It may happen when there is thinking that one treatment may be better than another. In an argument on the legality or out of consent use of personal medical information is bring a lot of heated debates. Using ones information should directly come from their consent. They should be requested to provide the information genuinely without being tricked and have the information obtained. Sometime it may be very difficult for some people to let their bio data be used for medical research. For sure if the information will highly be hidden, there would be no medical developments and since there will be lack of grounds for research. Incase ones information is used behind their consent, the research should be sued of revealing personal information. Consent should be the center for personal information needed for research. That will prove a morally upright relationship between the information source and the researcher.

​To conclude, bioethics is one of the most basic aspects of any medical field. Medical matters being based on certain principles, cases and issues bring light to everything that has previously been mishandled. Being morally upright, having good or bad, right or wrong depicts human standards of moral contact. Respecting one’s personal information is doomed important at any cost. Researchers taking consent to use personal private information in of the best things. To have good medical services, people must be willing to release information for research.


  1. Vaughn, L. (2017). Bioethics: Principles, Issues and Cases. Oxford University press, 3rd Ed, Pp. ​ ​​2 and 6-10.

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