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The Peculiarities Of Boxing As A Sport

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Table of contents

  1. Self-defense
  2. Health and diets
  3. Emotional and mental health
  4. Counter arguments
  5. Conclusion

Imagine showing up to school, ready to sign up for boxing. Boxing has been practiced since ancient times even the Egyptians used to play it. For decades, the topic of whether boxing should be banned has been in constant debate. But now, the topic about whether boxing should be a school sport has been brought to the table to be argued. Opponents defy this proposal by arguing that boxing will encourage violence, and cause nothing but harm among the students. Proponents argue that it will benefit the students mentally and physically and even teach them about the basis of self-defense. Evidence shows that it should be allowed to be a sport at schools.

Boxing through centuries has been viewed differently. In ancient times it was viewed as a sport in which only the fit strong male in society would participate in it. But as time has passed by society has categories boxing as brutal support in which violence is the only outcome. Many failed to realize all the positive outcomes of such sports. They have been blinded by the myths and close-minded people’s thoughts instead of realizing how it benefits those who play it. For decades it’s been judged while many failed to see the true art of such sport.


Boxing will allow students to learn the basics of self-defense. Our youth should learn the basics of self-defense in case of any incident in which they are under attack or are in a harmful situation. One reason why boxing should be allowed to be a school sport has to do with the idea that it will teach students self-defense which will lead to self-confidence. For example, according to one researcher, “Being able to protect yourself in all situations is a confidence booster as much as it is a reassurance… that can only be gained through any form of self-defense classes. Today, when people think about self-defense classes, they tend to think about women and children. However, self-defense classes (and practices such as karate, boxing, jiu-jitsu, etc. ), are for everyone” (Mayle, Megan). In other words, Mayle is implying that self-defense classes lead to participants to have an increase of self-confidence which is something highly wanted among our youth, especially with so many teenagers lacking such. Self-confidence will benefit our youth and all due to being a result of having self-defense classes which can be achieved by taking boxing classes. This communicates the central idea that boxing should be allowed as a sport in schools because it will serve as a self-defense class which would lead to an increase in self coding in the youth in the world which is a double win for everyone since both things are very necessary.

Self-defense can also lead to self-discipline which can be defined as “the ability to make yourself do things when you should, even if you do not want to do them” (Cambridge). An additional argument in favor of boxing as a school sport is clear when you consider the fact that self-discipline should be enforced in the raising of our everyday children because they in the long run when they are struggling with life. This is further evidenced by the finding of Fayz where they established that “The benefits to self-discipline for boxing are endless, it will give you that cutting edge over your opponent when you eventually come across someone as talented as you… Your hard work and discipline will come out in these situations when you need it most. When you have self-discipline your standards rise, you aren’t in it for the short term but for the long term which is where you reap the rewards of self-discipline” (Fayz). To clarify, self-discipline is essential when it comes to achieving success since it will raise your standard and lead you to exile even more. Such determination while benefits the students to become better in what they do daily all as a result of boxing. This reveals the idea that school sports should include boxing because self-discipline will be amplified upon the students influencing them to strive for more benefiting them in the long run by not allowing them to settle for less and always seek to become greater.

Health and diets

Boxing will serve as an ideal way for students to stay physically fit and be on a healthy diet. According to Floyd Mayweather, “Diet and nutrition will be instrumental to their success,” (Telegraphy). This reveals that a key factor for boxing is maintaining a healthy diet which would lead them to become more successful in the sport. It will serve as an encouragement among the youth to live a healthy lifestyle if they want to be successful in the sport. Boxing will help decrease the high statistics of obesity among adolescents and children. According to, “Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States putting children and adolescents at risk for poor health. Obesity prevalence among children and adolescents is still too high” (Childhood Obesity Facts). If a sport that will encourage a healthier lifestyle why is it still being denied to be established as a sport in schools.

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In boxing, success can be achieved if there is no success without healthy diets. According to, “Boxers must keep a consistently healthy diet to perform to their highest potential” ( In other words, boxing promotes a healthy diet that gets into the habit of the boxer into living a healthier lifestyle. Schools only seek the good for their student’s right health is one of these things therefore boxing should be a sport in schools.

Emotional and mental health

Boxing should be allowed as a sport in schools because it will bring many positive outcomes to the students who participate in it. Not only will it allow them to become more mentally and emotionally stable. Proponents of boxing make a strong case when they bring to light the situation of how boxing will reduce stress on those who practice such sports. A fellow researcher has established that “Engaging in physical activity is a natural way to reduce stress, and boxing is a perfect choice… stress is reduced by focusing on technique and hitting the zone. Exercising also helps one achieve a healthy body, which improves a person’s body image and self-confidence.”(reference). Essentially, boxing will lead to stress levels being reduced, helping those who do it become more mentally stable, improving their mental and emotional health. Thus, school boxing is appropriate because schools should seek the students’ health to be important and if boxing can help it then why should they deny such activity to the students.

Another reason as to why school districts should establish boxing as a sport is that depression and anxiety will be reduced in those who participate in such sport. A study conducted by doctors in the U.K illustrates this concept when they state, “Classes can help to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression by focusing the mind and body in the present moment and taking people away from ruminating thoughts or worries’ (NetDoctors). This reveals that boxing classes or sessions reduce depression and anxiety which is slowly becoming more common among our youth according to, “According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 1 in 3 of all adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder. These numbers have been rising steadily…”. As schools, they must seek the welfare of their students at all times therefore why should they not invest in supporting such a sport that is known to benefit its participants. Let’s consider this for a second the teenagers are going to be doing a sport that will not only allow them to stay in shape but as well as maintain their mental and emotional state.

Counter arguments

One reason as to why others propose that boxing should not be allowed as a sport in schools has to do with the idea that it encourages violence. For example according to some people they say, “The sport is barbaric and no better than an organized physical assault, which would be illegal in any other context” (how to play). In other words, others will say that boxing is a sport that only uses violence and will do nothing less than promoting that among the youth, however, this claim is just not rational because studies have shown that boxers are more rational and less likely to use their skills against others that do not box. They are less violent and avoid conflicts for the most part. The knowledge and skills gained by boxers are all applied and used based upon their morals. Classifying boxing in general as barbaric and encouraging violence is foolish because it is a sport that benefits those that do it by encouraging self-defense not to by provoking problems.

Those who are against boxing also try to defend their points by saying that boxing will distract students from their studying. This is evident when they established “Another reason why most high schools do not promote boxing is that they said that it can distract students from studying. They will just be focused on boxing and might not provide the level of study needed to graduate through high school” (thesportsdaily). To clarify opponents will make you believe that boxing will become nothing more than a stress factor to the lives of the students and prevent them from studying and performing well in school. However, this is false because studies have shown that sports don’t distract students from the school. Many schools do not allow their students to perform in any school sports of the are not doing academically well therefore one of the requirements to play sports is to do well in academics. This encourages them to do well in school instead of becoming distracted. Also, studies reveal that boxing reduces stress and not increases.


In conclusion, boxing should be allowed as a sport within schools because it will bring many benefits to the students who decided to partake in it. There will be able to relieve stress, become mentally and emotionally more stable, as well as physically become healthier. Overall the students’ health will greatly benefit in many ways. Therefore schools should approve boxing as a sport, if something is going to impact the life of the students for a better outcome why shouldn’t it be allowed. If the schools seriously seek the best interest for the students why shall they deny such great privilege to them?

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