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The Peculiarities Of Buddhist Peace Fellowship (BPF)

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Theological/Philosophical Background
  3. Conceptualisations
  4. Peacemaking Activity
  5. Evaluation
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography


For many Century, there are more and more people formed different peace organisations to create peace for the world. Buddhist Peace Fellowship also known as BPF, is one of the many peace organisations mainly based on Buddhism. BPF was first found in 1978. The reason why that this Buddhist peace organisations is selected is because they demonstrated their actions through the perspective of Buddhism and this would be the main difference compare to other peace organisations.

Theological/Philosophical Background

The theological background of Buddhist Peace Fellowship is based on Buddhism. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world with over five hundred and twenty million followers known as Buddhists. This religion is very popular in Asia. Unlike Christianity mainly focus on Grace, Buddhism emphasizes on the endless cycle of birth and idea of reincarnation. As a peace builder community, the mission of Buddhist Peace Fellowship is to help individuals who are in suffer from systemic harm. While they deliver strength, peace and justice to individuals, in order to transform towards liberation.(Purpose & Vision, 2016)


In Buddhism, all individuals’ perspectives were influenced by Gautama Buddha, a spiritual teacher and religious leader who is the founder of the world religion of Buddhism. A famous quote by Buddha, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” The meaning of this quote is a perfect guide and solution for many people with their problem in everyday life. In other words, let go of the past and the future because no one could change the past or predict the future. People should enjoyed the moment in present. The knowledge of Buddhism and its view of the world will be very helpful for individuals, and maintaining a peaceful community.

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Peacemaking Activity

Buddhism Peace Fellowship deliver the peace to the society through their actions. But first, all participants must require to have a clear understanding of spiritual frameworks and tactical skills to enhance contribution to local organization. As there are more people involve in this peace organisation, the network of Buddhist is getting bigger and bigger. Buddhists Peace Fellowship will publish some cutting edge articles and videos and also organize public dialogues and online events to keep a connection to the community. For Example, the latest events organized by BPF is about Dharma and Direct Action Training in Michigan (Dharma & Direct Action Training comes to Michigan in September, 2016), where BPFers and the Environmentalist group of the Zen Buddhist temple develop inspiring responses to injustice guided by spiritual wisdom and political awareness.


Through the successes of many events organized by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship in the past 40 years, Buddhist Peace Fellowship made a large impact to the world, by passing their understanding of Buddhism to the society. As the community of BPF grow stronger and stronger, there will be more individuals who can receive help from BPF.


In short, Buddhist Peace Fellowship is one of the many peace organisations mainly based on Buddhism, as they demonstrated their actions through the perspective of Buddhism.


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