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The Peculiarities Of Fiction In Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

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When it comes down to all the different types of stories, there are numerous to read. This includes stories of fiction, now there are a few different kinds of fiction stories that are out to read. You have science fiction, domestic fiction, adventure fiction, and fantasy, just like many other types of books and fiction stories can also hold many hidden teachings within the books for the readers to learn. These types of stories have a good way of pulling us in and taking us on an adventure and discovery. They can also sometimes relate to the everyday lives of people.

The first story I decided to write about is listed under fantasy and the story I have chosen is called “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” that’s written by Lewis Carroll. Through this story has a few different versions, everyone may have read this story at some point in life. It is a story that really will suck you in and takes you along on an adventure while reading that you could never imagine. This story also teaches you many things along the way as you continue to read the story. This is one of those fiction stories that on every page it will draw you to continue to read until.

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Within the story of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” there’s a chapter called “Advice from a caterpillar” an in this chapter she comes across a caterpillar who is smoking a hookah and askes who she is. The caterpillar meets Alice after she has been shrunk into a tiny size, which was very odd to her but according to the caterpillar, it was a great height. Alice wasn’t quite fond of the caterpillar when they first met. The caterpillar didn’t address himself nor talk much when they first met, and when he did it was extremely short sentences and questions that were hard for Alice to answer. Alice was asked to repeat the poem you are old, father William, which comes is odd like some sort of. He then addressed Alice how to grow bigger and shrink smaller by simply eating a mushroom which he was sitting on. He was really teaching her a lesson, that she wasn’t quite understanding at the time but later in the story, she understood why he was doing all those things.

That what most readers get when reading Alice Adventure in wonderland they learned and comprehend somethings while taking in the story. We all have a culture of our own, from the traditions we observe to the way we dress, what we eat and the information that we share. Recognizing and celebrating this has been so important especially for our children because it teaches them the culture. Culture is a shared system of meaning, which includes values, beliefs, and assumptions expressed in their daily interactions of children in many ways.


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