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The Peculiarities Of Fly Fishing In Texas

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Fly fishing is somewhat an extensively played sport in the world, but in Texas USA the game is a little bit different. As big as the state itself is, there exist an extreme number of opportunities for fly fishing. There are plenty of saltwater lakes and freshwater ponds where you can go and start right away with fly fishing. Texas is as beautiful as a state it is and filled with plenty of beautiful places where you can simply go away, holstering everything on your vehicle, reaching the desired places to enjoy fly fishing in Texas.

The only question that persists here is that what is stopping you from going to Texas and having that beautiful trip that you have always wanted? Maybe you don’t have any idea about the very places in Texas where you can go for fly fishing?

If that is the case then you don’t have anything to worry about, there are some of the most beautiful places in Texas that ranks best for fly fishing. The best of the best there might include the Guadalupe River, Blanco River, Llano River, Lampasas River, and other few. This article specifically focuses on exploring such places and what other information you should be looking out for when going there for fly fishing.

Texas, evidently is so large and far fetched that you can’t draw on a particular place for fly fishing from the get-go. Trial and error seem to be the most appropriate way of coming around such places where fly fishing happens and is greatly enjoyed by travelers, common people, or others sharing the same hobby.

There are plenty of lakes, saltwater shorelines, small streams, and creeks that it can be very easy to get dazzled and choose something random which doesn’t even fit the proper requirements for fly fishing. Here are some amazing places where you can go for fly fishing without having to wander in the whole state;

The Guadalupe River

This is a mystic river with the availability of fishing season from November till May, the place within this period is already booming with visitors and locals enjoying fly fishing. The river is situated near the blossomed city of Sattler.

The overall season or time allocation for fly fishing is different from other places and the main reason is the availability of trout fish which makes this place a winter delight for the people gathering from all around the country.

There are many things for which that river is famous for, the most subtle being the scenery which you would get while getting busy with fly fishing would just be splendid. There are trees all over at the bank of the river and currents of high water smother your boat all day long, within these currents teeming and zip lining across the river is the rainbow trout which makes this whole adventure worthwhile.

Blanco River

Blanco River is another beautiful spot for the wanderers of fly fishing, however, there is a small restriction in there. There are plenty of dams being built within the river which fairly restricts you from going far away in the open. That is why you would have to settle for working your magic in the areas before dams start. You can find a beautiful spot for yourself where you can park your boat and get on with the fly fishing adventure of yours, as the place itself is not that crowded.

Many types of fish gather around here, that is why the crowd is also specie specific, some come around to catch the ones they like while others waiting for others to surface. The most common types of fish that you can find around here include sunfish, panfish, both small and largemouth bass. Unfortunately, trout is only in a small number so if you were specifically going to travel here to catch trout or salmon then you are advised to visit some other place.

No anglers can be found around the harsh winter as these fly fishing experts like the start of spring when the crowd is scattered to begin with their fly fishing adventures.

Llano River

This beautiful destination calling out the anglers from all parts of the country is located in the center of Texas and by true means is an oasis. With plains of rocks, bushes, gigantic trees as well as grass etched across its sides, the water of this River runs clean and provides access to enormous loads of fish which ends up as a treat for the anglers.

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If you want to enjoy each and every bit of fly fishing then you will clearly be doing justice with your skillset by choosing this place, because anglers possessing all types of skillset in fly fishing are welcome to try out their luck here.

There are two types of fish that stretch this whole River such as bass and sunfish, both the north side and the south side of the River seems to be teeming with fish and other rich attributes which a fly fishing expert would be pleased with. Clear and adequate water, strong and bold currents and wider berth of the river provide a fairground to the anglers to practice their skillset and benefit from it in a river teeming with fish on end.

Lampasas River

Lampasas River starts to stretch along with the hillside area of Hamilton County and is mainly situated to the west end side of the town. There is all kind of growth happening around the River with shrubs, large pine trees, and hefty grass growing on end.

Choosing a particular fly fishing rod would be the real challenge here that you would have to overcome instead of worrying about the availability of the fish. The main reason for this is because this River is not smooth through and through, there are some narrow areas with low levels of water and then some tree branches hang down from the Riverside, making it harder for the anglers to rally upon a particular fishing rod.

There are no restrictions on fishing with this river, you can come and do fly fishing all year long, and the availability of the fish is something else that adds a certain spark to it. You will find sunfish, perch, and smallmouth bass.

There are some narrow pools filled with shallow and dead water here and there, these could prove to be the excellent places for the beginners to start with fly fishing. Effective training within these pools would add up to classic fly fishing skills being continually updated and crafted.

What about the Gadgets?

Well, the first order of business to leave for fly fishing is to make sure that whether or not you have the appropriate gadget with you? There are plenty of things that you might require such as; fly fishing rod along with reels, personal gear for fly fishing, bait, Wide perched Hat for protection of eyes from the sun, polarized glasses, Backpack with essential eatables and water support and some Sunscreen. These are the appropriate gadgets that you require in order to turn your fly fishing trip into a success.

If you are a professional then, of course, you would already know about all this gear in advance and will be making sure to double-check everything before you leave for the journey. But if you are only a beginner and want some help with all this stuff then you can always shop by the River, lake or creek you are going fly fishing for. There would always be a small shop with all the appropriate gadgets and the salesman can walk you through whatever things would be enough to get the job done for you.

Furthermore, any advice on what type of bait you should be using can be asked about from these local fly fishing shops. The people out there would love to help you out in any way they can. One of the most challenging things would be to set-up bait, flies are not going to pull it out for you in Texas that is why you require something discreet and subtle such as a grasshopper, crickets or something like that.

If you are unsure about what to use then ask the locals or people already doing fly fishing beside you, you would surely get the support you require.

Appropriate times for fly fishing

The most appropriate time for fly fishing in Texas is going to be the winter. But you can vouch for fly fishing all year long, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Why winter would be the best time should you ask? Because in the summer, it gets unbearably hot with the sun always standing atop and burning everything out, the only suitable time with conditions for fly fishing can only be found in the evening. Plus, there would be more boats, canoes, and other things in the water than fish during crowded times.

That is why you should stick with winter if going for fly fishing in Texas because it would be less crowded, with more appropriate conditions, and most important of them all, the fish would be easier to spot and wrestle out of water.

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