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The Peculiarities Of Hegemonic Masculinity

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Over the past two decades hegemonic masculinity has had a tremendous smash upon gender studies especially in the social sciences. Hegemonic masculinity was distinguished by negatives such as toughness, aggressiveness, excessive risk taking and emotional illiteracy. When we talked about structural violence, we found perception, suppression and pain because of structural violence relationships, such as the civil, social and economic relations of public policy. It guides us together in a single abstraction issues as multiple poverty and income inequality, inadmissible living and unacceptable economic and trade policies that doesn’t help the communities. Instead they feel like this institutionalized is a form of discernment, rejection of civil rights, sickness, or disability caused by inaccessible health care, and as a resulted from confrontation and extermination, and for this controversy, likelihood of liability to crime and insecurity of crime. Hegemonic masculinity is an application of structural violence that was separate directly from the people, and it is part of a wider technique and procedure in which act upon people, communities, and the nation. (“Center for Crime and Justice Studies, Langley Lane, Vauxhall 2009”).

Throughout history, social roles have always been clearly seen and present. One of the most important roles in the society is that of gender roles. The gender roles were defined as social roles assigned to each sex, and those roles be represented as masculine and feminine. The gender roles always earned early in a person’s childhood throughout their lives. The gender roles of a person are normally taught by their parents, family members and friends. The society always wants the child to find their sex at a young age, such as, if they want to use the restroom or do certain things, they should know how to identify themselves. (‘Gender and Sexuality class PowerPoint 2018 ‘).

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When a baby is born, gender socialization always takes place. The Parents dress a male baby in blue and a female baby in pink even know years ago it was the opposite of that. When the girls are young, they are given Babies, and taught to play House. But, when the boys are young, they are given a toy truck, and we taught to play a sport that goes with their gender, like basketball, baseball, and soccer. For some parents by age of two, they started talking to their children and give them a better understanding of what their gender is. Years ago, as a woman your job in the house was to take care of your children’s and take care of the house while your husband is always at work. Recent legislation has slightly reduced the binds of gender roles, like allowing women to vote and enjoy the same rights as men for the most part. Gender roles are still very much present in today world, but those roles are maybe starting to blur in a slender way. (‘Gender and Sexuality class discussion and PowerPoint’).

Women are started becoming more widely accepted in professions that are masculine such as doctor rather than a nurse or a lawyer, engineer. Although, women’s expansion in the workforce is evident, there is still a hard time knowing that women must face that men do not. Even if women can occupy the same job as a man, her paycheck is generally less even though they have the same degree and they are doing the same job. Over the years there are many decisions some politicians made when it’s a comes to the laws to help level the playing field for women, but even the laws cannot fully make the best decision on these issues. (Coy, Peter, and Elizabeth ‘Bloomberg Business week Politics and Policy June 2012’).

During half of the 19th century in the United States of America they had a characteristic of masculinity such as heterosexuality, occupational achievement, physical force, control and familial patriarchy. We discovered masculinity by defining power in force and control, because we think that men are more naturally mature, and they have physical body more than women. When they see a baby boy, they always say he’s a strong boy, because we used the man body to represent power and that’s why they always on top of everything. In my realization I feel like that how inequality come up in this subject. We as a woman feel like we can never do what men does, but throughout the past years I started to see a changed. I feel so proud because the society started to see and analyzed things differently for the better. (‘Regulating the Action class PowerPoint’).

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