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The Peculiarities Of Islamic Work Ethic

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This study are based on the writing article on the organizational citizenship behavior’s factors among the Malaysian bank employees. This study also show the moderating role of Islamic work ethic among those bank employees that have been practice by them. The data from the study of the article was collected from 192 employees at Islamic banks in Malaysia through a survey that have been done by the researcher. The tools that have been used to analyse the data was the partial least square technique. The result revealed from the study of the article about the distributive justice and procedural justice predicts organizational citizenship behaviour. This article also discussed the limitations ad suggestions for future research.


Ethic at workplace are different from company to company. Islamic Work Ethic is defined as a set of moral principles principles prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah that guides employees’ attitude and behaviors at their workplace (Quoquab & Mohammad, 2013). Practicing Islamic Ethic at work place leads towards creativity, honesty and trust (Dannhauser, 2007). The main aim the author have stated are to examine the relationship between distributive justice, procedural justice, and OCB in the Malaysian Islamic banking context. The other study of this research had find that the aims of the research were to achieve two objective, where first was to predict the effect of distributive justice and procedural justice on organizational citizenship behaviour and second was to examine the moderating role of Islamic work ethic on the relationship between two types of justice which are distributive justice and procedural justice and organizational citizenship behaviour. In the article, the authors had said that to reconcile the contradiction among the previous authors that give their opinions about organizational citizenship behaviour and organizational justice, the Islamic Work Ethic has been suggested. Each of the result shows the significant of Islamic Work Ethic.

Distributive justice concerns the perceived fairness of the allocation of outcomes or rewards to organizational members (Frank & Jeffrey, 2010). The employees invests something in the organization such as effort, skill and loyalty, and the organization rewards the employee for that investment (Frank & Jeffrey, 2010). They also stated that a procedural justice is about the process or procedure by which reward are distributed. Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) was defined that the individual behavior that is discretionary, not directly or explicitly recognized by the formal reward system, and in the aggregate promotes the efficient and effective functioning of the organization.

In this study, the author of the article have stated the statements from other writing article which (Nik Abd Rahman, 2001) in general, organizational variables may hold different meanings in different cultures, hence, exhibit differences in term if their relationships. Therefore, Korsgaard, Meglino, and Lester, (2010) stressed the importance of studying OCB in different contexts, since this behavior is rooted in the culture of the country.

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The community that involved in the study were the employees of Islamic banks in Malaysia. To accomplish the objectives of the research study, a convenience sampling was used which is a non-probability sampling technique. This type of sampling method can assist researchers to collect data quickly and efficiently (Sekaran, 2003). The respondents were asked to indicate their response on a 7-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree) (Jihad Mohammad, Farzana, & Rosmini, 2016). The author stated that the human resource departments of 16 Islamic banks has been contacted by the researchers to get their permission to done the survey from their employees. After the top management approval has been received, 320 questionnaires were distributed to those organizations who agreed to take part in this survey (eight Islamic banks). The result, 203 employees responded to the questionnaires, and 192 were found usable for analysis of this study.

In the research, there are two model that has been used which are outer model and inner model. An outer model identified the relationships between unobserved construct and its underlying items (Henseler, Christain, Ringle, & Sinkovics, 2009). An inner model represents the hypothetical relationships between the latent constructs in the inner model.

The result of the article study have shown the relationship between distributive justice, procedural justice and organizational citizenship behaviour. The findings about the study have verify that the employees of Islamic banks in Malaysia are capable to go to extra mile and prove organizational citizenship behavior abandoned when they concern their organization as considering fair to them. Accordingly, based on the author, the organization’s managers are encouraged to disseminate authoritative assets and result like salaries, rewards, promotions and others fairly among employees. Moreover, to allocate the organizational resources, the policies, process, methods and procedures of the organizations need to be fair.

Besides, the result of moderating role of Islamic work ethic between distributive justice, procedural justice and organizational citizenship behavior also stated by the authors. Jihad Mohammad et. al., 2016, in their study they said that the finding does not support the moderating effect of Islamic work ethic on the relationships between distributive justice and organizational citizenship behaviour, and between procedural and organizational behaviour. So, there was no differences between the employees who were vigorous and those who were impotent on Islamic work ethic when testing the relationship between distributive justice, procedural justice and organizational citizenship behaviour in the context of Islamic banking. The employees will perform organizational citizenship behaviour even in organization it exceed their main duties as long the organization being fair to them.


In conclusion, the overall result of the study shows that those the Islamic bank employees give the positive feedback during the study being done which also show the positive site of Islamic work ethic. .Islamic Work Ethic are the starting point to those the Islamic bank employees to build the most greater morale value when doing their work to give the best achievement and result to their company where they work and also for their self. If each of the organization apply the Islamic Work Ethic, the production of the works will become excellent and satisfying and this also can help all the employees reduce their stress level during their work time at their workplace.

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