The Peculiarities Of Language Translation

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We live in a diverse world. People are always on the move each passing second. Some in search of knowledge, others search for employment opportunities, and so on. Our diversity extends to culture. You identify people based on symbols, norms, values, artifacts as well as language. Language makes social interaction possible and influences how people conceive of concepts and objects. It, therefore, fosters the feeling of group identity and solidarity.

There are so many languages in different geographical regions of the world. When you visit an area with an extraordinary style to you, you feel out of place. Why? Because you may not understand the language of the other person. Use gestures, though some may be offensive to the other person. It leaves you with the option of getting a translator for you to understand the other person. However, a translator has limitations too. If in case you wish to convey a confidential matter, then it becomes a significant challenge. Some could be arrogant and may give contradicting information. Since the translator also wants money for service delivery, you may find that they are too expensive.

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Technology has paved the way for easier information passage and communication across different languages. In 2006 launch of google translate was done to gather linguistic data. This statistical machine works on the Android app and iOS versions. It uses an analytical method to form an online database based on language pair frequency. Google translate is free and online all the time, whereas experienced translators are fewer and costly. Google translate is also fast. It produces a translation with the same number of words just in seconds!

Google translate also has some disadvantages. It offers no confidentiality. This information always is at risk of reaching the wrong hands. The translation given is also not very clear. You can easily experience incorrect content or structure. There is no form of quality control on google translate. You may never be sure that the material the machine dispenses out is correct or way off the mark. If you wish to study another language, do not rely on google translate. It struggles with polysemy (the multiple meanings of words).

In conclusion, you may use online translation if the content from the other language is not confidential. It could be a general comprehension text or even writing of emails. Let us appreciate the diversity of people from different parts of the world by studying their languages too.

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