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The Peculiarities Of Organizational Culture

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The definition of organizational culture is the ideals and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. Every organization today has a belief system that falls under what they call their culture. According to Baack (2012) culture in terms of an organization consists of symbols, rituals, language, and social drams that highlight life at that organization this include myths, stories and jargon. At Avis Budget Group they pride themselves on operational excellence while offering the customer exceptional customer service. “To create customer enthusiasts and increase market share, we combine our long history of operational excellence with a level of service that meets the specific needs, wants and preferences of each of our customers.” ('Avis Budget Group | Culture', 2016)

If you look at their logo it says Avis Budget Group Customer led Service Driven. This is on every letterhead, envelope and posted all over at most stations, although colors may vary depending on what branch is sending the document out. Their colors are red for Avis, blue for Budget, blue & yellow for Payless and green for Zip Car. By having these specific colors, it helps to be able to be a brand that is memorable to customers. When a customer is asked about a rental company majority of the time they can tell you the color of the company logo before they can tell you the name. As a company they are very big on the family friendly environment. They encourage each and every one of us as employees to work together as a family to ensure that the customer has a great experience each and every time. This is what they pride themselves on when they say Customer Led Service Driven. They want each and every employee to feel like we don’t just care for the customer but they care about the employee as well. They feel that this type of attitude will extend to the customers and be able to increase their continued success in the future. Customers are always encouraged to write a review on us and are usually sent a link to a survey that they can take at the end of each rental. This helps each station to see where their strengths are and where their weakness is, especially in terms of customer service. Majority of customers can come and talk to management pretty easily at my location even if it is just to tell them how great of a job an employee did with helping them.

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Employees of our location say that they value that the rewards that management gives to show that their hard work is appreciated. Employees also say that they appreciate the culture of always being able to voice their ideas to help the station run better and having those same ideas actually be considered and a lot of the times implemented. “Empowerment is the degree to which employees are encouraged to make certain decisions without consulting their managers. In an empowered firm, decisions are made at the level at which the best information is available.” (Fey & Nordahl, 1999) This empowerment is something that an employee values, the fact that you can make certain decision without management is so valuable in this line of work. They also value that every manager has an open-door policy when it comes to being able to be comfortable to talk to any of them. Most of all they value being able to help the customers out and appreciate when a customer leaves feeling like they got the best bang for their buck. This all ties into the success of the company as whole as well as each individual station. By encouraging employees to be proactive within their particular stations activity it helps to continue the value that the company has put into play. It also helps increase morale. At my location we always say that we are a family and we try to be there for one another since majority of the time we are with each other more than our actually families.

Baack (2012) states that enacted values are the values and norms exhibited as employee and managerial behaviors. At my location management is always striving for a positive employee environment through different activities on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. There are contest that our held on a daily and monthly basis to encourage workgroups to strive for the best. There are also workgroup listening meetings twice a year where each workgroup goes to voice their opinions on how things are being done and if they have any ideas they can also be said. At my specific location our District Manager and City manager have employee BBQ’s usually every two months where they have management cooking for the employees to show them that they appreciate everything that they do on a daily basis. The company as a whole also has a yearly rally every year called rolling pride this is to not only have the CEO’s come to major stations and meet the people that work for them. It also helps the employees to see that these same C-Level executives are approachable and actually care about how they feel and what they have to say.

These few things among other things help to ensure that the culture created by our company is still going strong. That is not to say that my company does not ever change their culture. Mihalache & Albu (2016) say that “By analyzing the organizational culture, we may identify different procedures, rules, values, statements and decisions that may be implemented, next to models of behaviors and attitudes that may comply with the same principles or not.” Sometimes a company must see where their culture that was originally in place is no longer working and then go about changing it. At the end of the day as long as the employees accept the culture of the company and the corporation is actually encouraging the employees to go along with the culture, the organization has the ability to thrive.


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