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The Peculiarities Of The Novel The Giver

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The Author of the book the Giver is Lois Lowry, this book was written in the year 1933 and won many awards. Lois Lowry’s main influence to write this book was her 90-year-old father. Lois Lowry mentioned an interaction with her 90-year-old father at a nursing home. She remembers that there were pictures of their family on the walls of the father’s room. She also mentioned that this time her father pointed to the wall with the photo of her older sister who died from cancer at a young age. What Lois Lowry found shocking is the fact that her father pointed to her photo but was unable to remember what happen to her first-born child. Lowry thought about how much better the world be without memories. This was the biggest inspiration of the giver as the story rotates around memories as it is about a tiny community with no memories about the past excluding one person who is the receiver of the memories. The main part of this story is that the elders take always memories to eliminate all pain from their lives, to do this the whole community gave up their memories of the society’s experience together. The biggest influence on the author of the Giver is her 90-year-old father who forgot the pain that her first daughter died young.

The setting was carefully crafted by Lois Lowry in the novel The Giver. The story of The Giver takes place at an unknows time in the future within a community where life is safe, boring and predictable. The main protagonist of the story, Jonas lives in a tiny society along the river, the place where most of the important events take place is at the Annex where Jonas spends time with The Giver. In the Giver, climate is controlled by the scientists and made music and colours out of date which means that nobody can see colour. This makes the reader think that this is a perfect Utopian society because everything is controlled and there is no hunger, poverty and crime, this perspective will change throughout the book. The mood of the novel drastically changes from the beginning of the novel compared to later in the book. In the beginning of the story the readers feel a comfortable and a pleasant mood as Jonas at the start of the story is playing and doing fun activities. This clearly contrasts to the mood later in the novel as when Jonas turns 12 and starts receiving the memories from the Giver, the mood turns darker, angrier and sadder as Jonas starts to find out more about his society and what is really taking place without the citizens knowing. This makes the reader re-evaluate their view of the community as a Utopian society. As the readers find out more about the society, the more it looks like a dystopian society. The author of The Giver, Lois Lowry cleverly created the setting to change the mood and atmosphere of the Novel.

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The author of the novel, The Giver conforms the dystopian literature conventions. Many dystopian literature conventions are used in this novel such an no independent thought, sameness, lack of free will and oppressive government. This community at the beginning of the book is made to look like a Utopian society which later is shows a dystopian community. One of the biggest mistakes that the community made was that the people gave up the human characteristics in exchange of security. The rule of sameness or Uniformity is followed in the novel because everyone’s house is the same from the inside and the outside and everyone is the same as nobody have individual thought which takes away most of the citizen’s choices. The community have taken their sense of colour and emotions such as happiness. There is not independent thought within the society, as the government does not want oppression from the citizens. This is controlled by medication which suppresses dreams. The people of the community have done all of this for the exchange for a climate controlled and secure existence. This novel closely follows the norms of a dystopian society as there is the higher being or the government controls everything in the society. The elders/government in the novel control the people, their memories and their thoughts. The elders in the society always watch the citizens as the elders can listen and speak anywhere. The author of this novel conformed the norms of a dystopian literature closely.

The author of the novel the giver carefully implements figurative language and imagery in the book. One of the first times figurative language is used in when the main character, Jonas met the Giver. Jonas says, “then the men were gone, speeding towards the horizon in a vehicle that spit pebbles from its whirling tires” (pg 104). In this quote Jonas is personifying the car as it cannot spit as a person does. Lois Lowry had use personification as Jonas received his first violent memory from the Giver where an elephant was killed. Jonas was unsettled and scared as this was his first exposure to violence. This shows that Jonas was so unsettled that that the car seemed violent as it sped down the street, Jonas says “spits” because people only spit when something is disgusting and not pleasant. This relates to Jonas as he think what the poachers have done was not pleasant and was disgusting.

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