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The Peculiarities Of Trophy Hunting

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When you hear the word trophy? Do you think of antlers or skins with patterns, most people’s minds go to trophy cups or medals Trophy hunting is the act of hunting animals and killing them, then taking their body or parts of it as a trophy. Trophy hunting is currently a subject for many intense worldwide debates, both sides the supporter’s opposers have never come close to an agreement, as the supporters say that trophy hunting is, in fact, beneficial and the opposers say that it is not, trophy hunting is not beneficial as it is unsafe, it is unfair for taxpayers and it has many negative consequences for the animals.

Opposers to trophy hunting state that trophy hunting is unsafe as they have compared it to other forms of recreation, and it is by far the most dangerous as the injuries are far more likely to be fatal. According to the International Hunter Education Association, approximately 1000 people in the United States and Canada get shot by hunters, there are also less than 75 cases a year of self-inflicted fatalities, some examples of self-inflected fatalities include the hunter tripping, falling or even shoots themselves all lead to fatal injuries, there is also the possibility of injuries happening in hunting parties, where the hunter shoots the other hunter which results in a very serious injury, another study by the National Safety Council, it is shown that one out of every 114 injuries is caused by a motor vehicle crash and one out of every 6,905 is an accidental firearms discharge, trophy hunting does not only harm the people hunting but the people that did not participate at all, trophy hunters like to chase the animals before killing them, this leads to the animals they are hunting to run flee, they are more likely to run to the streets, homes or nearby villages which will lead to fatal injuries, for example, car crashes, as proven trophy hunting are by far the most dangerous as it not only hurts the people involved in hunting but also the people that did not participate at all.

Trophy hunters look for animals with a special quality or characteristic for example, antlers or an animal with a specific skin pattern, by doing that they are looking for the strongest and healthiest of the group, on the other hand they claim that they hunt for the weakest and sickest of the group to put them out of misery, but in reality they are doing the complete opposite, that can lead to many negative consequences for killing the healthiest and strongest of the group impacts the group negatively as they might not be able to find food or defend themselves from their predator which leads to innocent animals suffering, another negative impact that trophy hunting has on the animal species is that it may lead to extinction, with the help of climate change the environmental conditions change for example, areas with cold climate become warm, less rainfall and hotter summer this proves that the animals are already at risk and by hunting the healthy packs, trophy hunting may be a sport, but it does not positively impact the animal as it only helps the suffering of the pack and the extinction of the animals.

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Many argue that trophy hunting is unfair for taxpayers, it is in fact viewed by the public with disgust and most people do not support it, the public recognizes that trophy hunters only hunt endangered and exotic animals which lead to their extinction, lands managed for hunting are mostly purchased and taken care of with tax dollars, people argue that this is unfair because 95% of Americans do not hunt and do not even support it, it is unfair for their money to go to a cause that they do not support and a cause that does not benefit them, the country of Saudi Arabia recognizes the ineffectiveness of trophy hunting and does not let their citizens pay for something that does not benefit them or the country, they have also made it illegal to bring these exotic animals into the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Trophy hunters and the supporters of trophy hunting argue that by hunting certain animals, for example by killing deers it will help reduce human and deers interactions such as car crashes which is caused by deer crossings, they also argue that it will help decrease the spread of Lyme disease, on the other hand it is shown that the rate of human and deer conflicts increase in November, it is shown that in September till December it is the hunting season for deers, this comes to show that the hunting season impacts the interactions between humans and deer as trophy hunting might also be the cause deer and human conflicts, it is estimated that during the months at September till December one out of every 100 rivers will be involved in a car collision with deers, on the other hand of a popular belief trophy hunting does not help reduce the spread of Lyme disease, Lyme disease is a disease spread by ticks usually in grassy areas and it is not spread by deers, some countries have recognized the ineffectiveness of trophy hunting one of these countries include the kingdom of Saudi Arabia prince Bandar Bin Saud he is the chairman of the board of Saudi wildlife authority he states that Saudi Arabia has never issued a permit for anyone to sell or bring exotic animals into the country, as Saudi Arabia is also one of the countries that signed the (CITES), Saudi Arabia has been successful in stopping most illegal smuggling attempts and rescuing the animals, but unfortunately some attempts have been successful.

Trophy hunting lacks in its benefits, but it does not lack in cons, trophy hunting is unsafe it has caused many accidents it is also unfair for the taxpayers as their money is going towards a cause they do not support and it also has many negative effects on the animals, trophy hunting is cruelty towards animals, what did the animals do to become trophies?

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