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The Peculiarities Of Working In International Team

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Due to the progress of globalization and the loss of national borders, the culture of work and learning from people in different regions and in different regions is very common. This is a common scenario even at work or in college. You can see how people from different countries interact, do business, study or take part in the lives of other people.

Before coming to my experience let’s define what is culture and its importance in workplace. Culture refers to a certain community or group that can be defined as related to art, culture, lifestyle, music, etc. And live together or follow the same beliefs. Given the importance of culture at work, this plays a very important role. Culture determines value, individual or social belief, and is influenced by routine behaviour. This directly affects work style, employee relations, and workplace behaviour. Of course, organizations and organizations play an important role in shaping personal behaviour and culture at work.

In my experience, when I decided to come to the UK, I really wanted to know and communicate with other people. At the same time, I was very nervous. I have doubts. Can I accept this? Will I come to culture? I lived all my life in India and communicated with someone outside India. I have all the ideas in my head. There is even concern about how people live and act. But after I came to the UK, my perception changed a lot. I am not the only one who left this country and came here. Thousands of people love me. And even people are very open. At first I interrupted my community and local residents, but until I entered college, I did not realize this and started working and meeting with other students. All my perceptions and fears were completely false.

Benefits of cross-culture teams

As teams become more diverse, their thinking will change, leading to different views and ideas. This will stimulate creativity and innovation. This makes the brain attack group effective. Mutual benefit – a diversified team will achieve somewhat shorter results. And this is also a learning experience. Language and people are always interested in knowing about other cultures. Continuous improvement – groups with such diversity always ask difficult questions and try to get the most out of the group. Sometimes people in homogenous groups do not participate much thinking everyone thinks the same. But in such cases comparatively the participation levels of the group is high. Because everyone bring in a different thinking and perspective before the group.

Language choice

The most likely situation is to use the same language in a group. Whichever choice you make , language speaker must recognize superiority over anyone dealing with a multilingual foreign language. Language inequality can be overcome through various strategies , including listening to a foreign language or using a translator . the first way is to become familiar with all the languages involved, which is impossible if the group is outside the binary format, but one-to-one solution is possible. Translators may be too expensive or impartial in the long run. Communication here is highly dependent on the skill of translator. Another possibility is to choose a foreign language common to all participants. This usually happens only in the absence of a known native language. There is no optimal solution .

We are all determined to a certain extent by the cultural past. This may be part of our subconscious, because it is often reflected, and not automated. An example is religion .many Europeans do not consider themselves very religious, and Christianity still affects their lives, even if they actively deny the church. How many people work on Christmas or good Friday? British lives in a society that enjoys Christian freedom. Today you can get an answer by email, but in many countries it is not a holiday . it is therefore inconceivable that we accept this as mediocrity, and this cannot even be accepted in other societies. People do not know their cultural background and do everything individually and emphasize individualism as a key feature of team work


The point of view is important, and you need to know your point of view. Other cultural aspects are not proportional to what you consider common in your culture. Therefore, intercultural students take lessons in their culture before they communicate with strangers. Personally, I did not realize my cultural context until I moved abroad. Culture in a broader sense means everything that has been delivered to you in a familiar environment. Things that you do not need to reflect are part of the culture that you encounter in all areas of communication, such as the media, education, family and work, and you are faced with the same cultural values ​​and identities that you have.

but people often try to make mistakes in cross-cultural teams. Harmony should not be a top priority, but it should be done, and there should be a way to do it. Consensus is often achievable or undesirable. As the Englishman says: I do not agree, but I will continue with this. Of course, the chances of having a different point of view are much higher in international teams and should be considered as a normal aspect of teamwork. In this situation, however, new ways of working are being created and synergies are intensifying, and international teams can achieve impossible goals for one cultural group.

Culture shock

What is culture shock? Cultural shock is a natural state of mental and physical feeling that can arise when confronted with a new environment and culture. The loss of social support, independence, and communication skills, as well as the difficulties and problems of a new cultural entry, are all factors that cause cultural shock. Symptoms of intercultural exposure, such as depression, fatigue, insomnia, loss of confidence, anxiety, confusion, anxiety and instability, are explained to international law enforcement agencies. Some scientists have found that cultural upheavals follow U-shaped bends. When you come abroad, people usually experience a new culture of fun, fresh and happy honeymoon. However, as soon as the difference increases and is adjusted, the occupant enters the hole of the culture shock. When you adapt to new cultures and accept differences, you will gradually restore your emotional and psychological stability. For some people, this experience ends in a few weeks. It may take several months for others. However, researchers say they would experience some kind of pressure that was characteristic of cultural upheaval when they spent a lot of time in a foreign country.

Overcoming culture shock

Suggestion 1: Be open minded

When I first arrived at college, for several weeks I came with some problems with flying. I have never been to England and I was scared. Everything looks different. Cultural shock is inevitable because it is difficult to adapt to various aspects of British society. Speeches, accents, manners and even food made me careless when I started. Do everything new as an opportunity to gain knowledge about the culture. This not only facilitates your work, but you can also find what you like. We can turn surprises into a learning experience or even treat them like adventures. Because, frankly, that’s all!

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Suggestion 2: Establish connection and make friends

Cultural shocks do not have much impact when you are with people around you. It’s great to sit in a boat with other students and go through a joint process. This friendship is an important part of the college experience, so it’s especially important to make friends with colleges right from the start. In fact, it is a relief that you are not the only person who has experienced culture shock. This not only attracts friends, but also facilitates the work, and also improves the social skills that benefit the entire university.

Suggestion 3: Ask question

The biggest fear that has become a new international student is to distinguish oneself from a completely different culture. Unfortunately, it made me stay with me and didn’t really agree with my new environment. If you want to do one more thing, this is the problem. Student life can be difficult right from the start, and most people around you know that. You will be surprised how many people are willing to help you. If you do not ask a question, you will not get an answer

Suggestion 4 : Embrace your own culture

The university is full of students from different cultures and environments. In some cases, some cultures may have some similarities with other cultures. Do not be afraid of your culture because people may be interested in hobbies, food, language and many other things. Adapting to university life is a big step in career planning and future dreams. And the best way to do this is to be yourself. To help you. Your university will receive academic counseling and support on campus. You can contact us at any time.


As with cross-cultural adaptation stress, change of routine and a lack of familiarity contribute significantly to reverse culture shock. As you’ve settled into your foreign location (sometimes staying outside the United States for as many as three tours / 8 or 9 years), you’ve spent less time in your home culture. Upon return, not only is home different from what you are now used to, but it may be different from what it was when you left, and different from what you expect it to be like..

Culture and human behaviour

Culture plays an important role in shaping people’s attitudes and behaviours. This effect is reflected in almost every human life, including how we interact with technology and various artifacts that convincingly influence our behaviour. As a result, scientific interest develops in various ways to develop interesting and culturally acceptable technologies, increasing motivation to motivate desired behavioural changes. There should be five final, crucial cultural aspects based on values ​​shared by different groups. long-term short-term orientation, forced sense of distance, prevention of anxiety. A group in which female individualism fights collectively. Many cross-cultural studies today focus on the measurement of personality and collectivism.

A main difference between collectivist and individualist cultural orientation is the relationship that persons perceive one self and one in group. In an Individualist culture, there are loose ties between individualsNand people are expected to look after themselves and their immediate families at the very most. On the other hand, in a collectivist society, from birth, people get integrated into strong cohesive groups. The collectivist expects other in-group members to look after them and protect them in exchange for unquestioning loyalty. , in a collectivist society, group interest outweighs individual interest, and individuals behave to maintain good and tight relationships within the group to avoid loss of faceHofstede’s cultural model has been criticized due to some limitations of the model, such as the broad and binary classification; however, it is still the most widely referenced cultural model . Recent research has reproduced and confirmed the validity of Hofstede’s cultural models as related to individualism-collectivism.

Management conflicts

One of the biggest problems that managers face in international situations is that they fully understand the views and positions of international partners. Misunderstanding about cross-cultural identity is widespread and often has a serious impact on the organization. In the case of Pharmacia, ABAND Upjohn, Inc. These companies make many difficult attempts to join an uncertain success. Of course, the success of international mergers does not depend solely on cultural understanding. But this understanding is logically necessary, but not enough for an effective international enterprise


Others negotiate differently. Culture influences how people negotiate, and how they see and interpret the negotiation process. All language barriers, body language and how you meet and celebrate can affect your conversations. Intercultural negotiation is a very sensitive topic. The smallest movement may have a certain meaning in one culture, but another movement means something completely different

Management implication

Although the leader has been proven on the one hand, there are no guarantees that this will be successful on the other. To succeed, global business leaders need a global organization. Supporting other cultures is an important element that needs to be maintained today, as well as an understanding of decision making style and cultural nuances in difficult or ambiguous conditions (Manpower Group International and Tucker, 2011). Through decision making, we can use cultural studies as well as the strengths and weaknesses of different countries to predict the possible actions of other countries in the negotiation process. It also helps to understand cultural factors that can influence decision making (Chang, Human Resources and Adult Education, 2006).


It is really important to understand individuals and their cultures and work accordingly so that there is no miscommunication or conflict. These days , the advent of globalization like teams are unavoidable. Hence, we should work to overcome the challenges and use the strengths of the individuals to build up the strengths of the team.


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