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The Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire: Analysis of Useful and Inspiring Aspects and Ways of Application

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Introduce your argument with a brief outline of the aspects of Freire’s writing that you found most useful and inspiring. This need only be a short paragraph. (200-300 words)

The pedagogy of the oppressed by Paulo freire Freire makes a variety of education, discourse, socioeconomic mindfulness, and liberation. Paulo Freire holds the concept that in order for an individual to practice complete freedom, it is required for the growth of critical awareness and rational progression in the individual. Friere proclaims that this is only achievable through a pedagogy that generates a bond between the teacher and the learner, encouraging the learner to participate in dialogue and the practice of humanisation via thought and its corresponding action (Frier, 1968).

Frier recognises the concern of humanisation to society and recognizes dehumanisation only as an ontological possibility but as a historical reality. (Freier 1968). He notes that an individual could perceive the extent of dehumanisation and question the viability of humanisation (freier 1968). He proclaims humanisation and dehumanization as capabilities for an individual, as an uncompleted being with knowledge of their incompletion. Frier believes that inequality, oppression and mistreatment, as well as forcefulness of the oppressors have prevented humanisation. He states that the oppressed have supressed the persona of the oppressor and adopted his guidelines (frier 1968). Frier denies the theory of dehuamnization as historic vocation and proclaims that the misrepresentation of humanization may cause a vengeance from the oppressed into the “oppressors but rather the restorers of humanity for both”. He makes note that the comprehension of true generosity and humanity should commence from the oppressed because they understand the importance of a liberated society better than the oppressors. In order to realise liberation, the oppressed must dedicate to the task, demonstrating love. He believes in order to attain freedom one must be responsible and steadfast in pursuance of freedom.

Paulo demonstrates three various types of educational styles and their direct influence on the teacher and student relationship, Frier criticized traditional pedagogy and believes that education should follow a better concept which the teacher student relationship transforms into a situation where all become students and teachers.

How can we apply this theory to our own work as activists working towards social justice and social change? (600- 700 words)

Critical consciousness pedagogy is defined as levels of consciousness and action that produce potential for change at one or more levels. Educating peoples consciousness and awareness lead’s to action. The method of moving toward and establishing a more just and humane world would have to begin with education and developing critical consciousness. Critical consciousness can inform the structure and content of the education system to address the oppressive conditions wedged on those (Jemal, 2017). Literacy can be powerful and a significant means of social change.

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Add more about sympathy, communication and understanding one another.

The process of transformation requires the simultaneous and reciprocating process of objectifying and acting (frerier 1968). When individuals exercise critical consciousness, they explore questions related to human self-worth. Students need to be consciously aware of what constitutes oppression and proposed strategies for addressing it. Critical consciousness is an empowering, strengths-based, nonexpert directed approach that fosters insight and active engagement in solutions to challenge inequity (Jemal, 2017). This theory has the ability to analyse systems of inequality and the commitment to take action against these oppressive systems.

Literacy is compound social practice, though, and greater access to more information does necessarily mean individuals are able to make critical judgments (Jackson 2007). Prevailing educational inequalities propose that the education system in Australia systematically denies equal access and opportunity to marginalised populations. Educational disadvantage among students is a substantial problem in Australia. Educational disadvantage is a reality faced by many indigenous students, students who reside outside metropolitan areas, and those from low socioeconomic background (Ford 2013). There is a large achievement gap between indigenous and non-indigenous students. Frier highlighted that education has one of the most humiliating and disabling components of their oppression, perhaps even the worst (Jackson 2007). Approximately half of the working indigenous population live in rural or remote areas and urban indigenous Australians are often concentrated in lower socioeconomic areas. (Bradley et al., 2006).

Sustained effort is required to close education gap and it involves critical analysis of reality. Frier stated that “the more truthful men grasp true causality, the more critical their understanding of reality will be. Frier emphasises on retaining and experiencing the sense of connectedness with reality and act a participant rather than observer of injustice. Thirdly, he noted the process of collective dialogue and of co construction in the course of dynamic social interaction (frier, 2004).

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