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The Permission to Read JK Rowling's Harry Potter Stories

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Good volumes of books have been challenged, banned—even burned—for hundreds of years. Whether the sexual references were too literal for the content, the imagery was too graphic for certain people but some ‘principles” have often been silenced. But in 1982, a group of organizations decided to do something about it. They made Banned Books Week, the annual enterprise that attempts to meet and make our cause clear, that these books should not be shunned from our society. Every September, audiences all over the world unite under the general purpose, aiming to defend free speech and educate others on the dangers of censorship. Though books are still challenged nowadays, this week-long occurrence has played an important part in protecting our right to speech and knowledge.

The Harry Potter series is not exempt from this bannage because it was banned by the United States government for its depiction of witches and wizard by the U.S. Department of education. However, despite these warnings to ban these books based on religious beliefs, the book’s popularity grew with the publication of ‘Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone’, which was followed by a ban in 1991. The book was later reissued as a children’s novel in 2001, but it still is being challenged for being a book about wizards who aren’t real people.

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The book is also being banned for its portrayal of violence and misbehavior in the classroom. According to an article published by the New York times, a teacher at St. Mary church calls the book “unsafe for children and should not be consumed by them for their own safety. It is not safe for young children to read this book”.

And that’s where I need to put my foot down and say: “You’re wrong!”. And there’s no way this book can become a dangerous thing for kids to read. It’s just too much fun to read. It doesn’t have to be scary or violent. You don’t have to be afraid of anything that this book shows. Nothing in this book is real life. It’s just a story about how the characters live their lives, in a wizarding world where magic is commonplace. It’s not meant to scare people away from reading this book, but rather to entice them to read it. The book is full of magical themes, fantasy and fun. It’s also filled with great characters that you get worried about when they get in danger. I think it’s safe to say that this book will make you laugh and cry and give you that sense of childhood wonder that every kid should have in their life. And that is why dear judge that the Harry Potter series should stay in libraries and thrive as a childhood classic. Thank You.

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