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The Personality And Traits Of Walt Disney

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Table of contents

  1. Early Childhood
  2. Early Adulthood
  3. Inspiration
  4. Building Upon Success
  5. Philanthropic Deeds

Early Childhood

Walt Disney was one of the best movie producers and film makers ever. He was born in a small town named Hermosa, on December 1st, 1901. This was near Chicago, in Illinois. He had 4 brothers and a sister. Walt was closest with his brother Roy. He always loved drawing and creating since he was little. Walt Disney also had many summer jobs working as much as he could. He was raised by Elias and Flora Call Disney. He went to high school at McKinley high school. Art was always Walt’s passion. He was so invested he took art classes at night, after going to school all day. Throughout Walt Disney’s whole life, he always worked hard for what he got.

Early Adulthood

When Walt Disney was 16, he didn’t want to do school anymore, so he dropped out. He wanted to join the army. He was not allowed to join though, because of his age. Instead he headed to join Red Cross to be an EMT. In 1919, he went back to the US and went to work for a newspaper. He started working around with cameras. Disney and his partner Fred Harman created Laugh-o-grams, this cartoon took off and became his first success. Then, his cartoons got stolen, he declared bankruptcy shortly after. Walt and Roy Disney then moved to Hollywood, where they founded Disney Brother Studios.

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The people around Walt Disney really inspired him. Many of his characters had components of real people he knew in their personalities. One person he was inspired by was his wife, Lillian. Because of her, Mickey Mouse is called Mickey Mouse. Disney wanted to name him Mortimer Mouse, but his wife gave him the name Mickey, and the most famous cartoon began. His partner Irwin drew the character and Walt voiced Mickey Mouse. By these characters, he was inspired to create parks. He created Disneyland for 17 million dollars, in 1955. Opening day was June 17th. Disney World opened in 1971, after Walt Disney had died.

Building Upon Success

Walt Disney started in a small section of Chicago, writing and drawing whenever he could. Disney never gave up and followed his dreams until they became reality. He went through a lot to achieve what he did. With his cartoons being stolen and him declaring bankruptcy, he hasn’t had it easy. He had more goals then just trying to get rich. Disney wanted to bring joy to people, especially in the time of the Great Depression. Walt Disney always worked hard and brought joy to thousands while he was alive. Disney is now worth 130 billion dollars.

Philanthropic Deeds

Walt Disney did many things for many people. Walt Disney brought positivity all around the US. He took a risk and was able to start his own company. He had no idea how big that would get. Whether it was families sitting in front of the TV at night to watch Mickey Mouse on TV, or visiting one of the Disney parks, Walt Disney changed television and movies forever. He put many people into jobs and provided them with everything they needed. Walt Disney gave back to the community when his success started.

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