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The Perspectives Of Single Gender Education

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Females and males are obvious to their different ways of learning. Not only that, but many schools are still digging deeper on the best way they can benefit a child’s way of learning. In any way, if it does increase a child’s span to learn, it will and should be considered. Seeing the obvious difference between the two genders, schools have adjusted to the new curriculum of separate boys and girls classrooms just to see the possible success in the change. Although it is not fully proved to be a better educational choice, many schools have come to believe it is.

Global Perspective

Over the decades of this debateful question, should schools go to single gendered classrooms? On a global perspective, genders have been evened out to be much more different than we think. A huge con against this is from greengarageblog, speaking among the issue that children should learn to co-exist with females and males. For example, a sentence says “People who opposite gender single gender classrooms say that preparing students to be with peers of the opposite sex will teach them these differences and make it easier for them to adapt to situations and understand that men and women can compromise and complement eachother.” Which is undeniable, as the globe has enough sexism. Infact, it is a good way to abolish it when you put gender differences together. Again, we could look as from the same site, greengarageblog, also says that teachers may have it easier on themselves to teach without worry. Quote on quote it says, “Advocates say that single gender classrooms make it easier for teachers to prepare gender-specific lessons for students.” As that boys and girls have different preferences to how they are taught. It provides more evidence to this by saying, “Males are usually more on physical activities while females prefer more interaction with their peers.” This speaks a lot when you have to keep in mind the consequences of the separate genders learning better by their differences.

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National/Local Perspective

The question is asked again. Are single sex classrooms the best decision for students? Here’s the statistics for the USA. According to the chart from edweek, Florida, Texas, New York, and Missouri are the biggest contributors to the single sex classroom program. Only 7 states have no single gendered schools. And 75% of these classes are in urban and rural areas. But what is to back up the good and bad between this? A huge con to this decision

Personal Perspective

Based on the research found, my personal belief is that students of both genders learn better in separate classes. Throughout writing my essay, I say that with all that I have looked through, children would most likely do better in separate classes. From what i have learned, single-sex classrooms will make it easier for educators to align the students behavioral characteristics with their teaching style. Girls tend to enjoy studying in a relaxed setting where they work together and reach consensus. Boys tend to favor a more competitive, physically active, and louder environment. Early research shows that for math and science, girls get the most benefits from being together. By stressing about how they appear to be children, they feel more comfortable with their abilities and have more opportunity to participate in class discussions. Children, usually more comfortable in math and science, dominate lessons, and teachers are more likely to call children. It also shows that the single-sex classes also benefit boys. It is possible that boys’ teachers will follow a teaching style that promotes boys’ tendencies to be blunt and confrontational at times, loud and enthusiastic, and disturb each other as well as the teacher during discussions. Of course, not all girls and boys in single-sex classrooms will be relaxed, and voluntary participation would have to be mandatory. But providing single-sex classrooms in public schools, particularly in math and science, is the cheapest, most efficient and easiest ‘innovation’ possible to improve performance.

Possible Course of Action

Studies are shown to say kids learn better, and even do better on their exams, when learning in single gendered classrooms. But other studies show that children need the interaction with the opposite gender. So what’s the best course of action we can take here? Well, one possible way of dealing with the issue is STEM. STEM stands for science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. STEM education combines these topics in order to teach ‘skills of the 21st century,’ or knowledge that students need if they want to excel in the workforce of the future. The premise is that to prepare for employment and compete with students from different parts of the world, students here in the United States need to be able to solve problems. So, the basic idea is to use STEM to separate these genders. But how do we make sure each male and female get the cooperation skills they may need in the future? Simply. Electives such as art, physical education, culinary, agriculture, etc. may be used to put both together. This is most useful considering electives are more seen to be hands on activities, enabling students to learn how to work together regardless of sex.

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