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The Plan Of Becoming A Successful Lawyer

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Table of contents

  1. Being Analytical
  2. Be Creative
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Manage Timing

I may need to settle on the most significant decision of my life when I leave school, I would have to pick my future profession. There are countless various professions these days, yet settling on the correct choice isn't simple. Making this choice I need to think about my skills and interests. But when I was eight years old, it has been my dream of becoming an immigration lawyer. Being a lawyer is a noble profession. Lawyers have plenty of responsibilities but I still decided to one day become a lawyer because I’ve been interested in the occupation. When I look around and see all the injustices that are happening in the world, I know that one day I can help the people by becoming a lawyer.

“ Congratulations, you’ve received your green card.” These are the words that one day I would like to say. I would know when I reached my goal, when I’m in my law office, ready to help people out, in a few words when I officially become a immigration lawyer. Pursuing this career in the future is important to me because I would like to help my family members and other people from different countries without papers, receive them. I would like them to have the same opportunities as people with papers. Above all, a second reason why it's important to me is because the professional and personal growth the profession offers, I have different characteristics, skills, and attitudes that will no doubt allow me to have an impact on the field. I am confident that the law profession will allow me to be a highly versatile, knowledgeable and well-rounded individual who is proud to contribute to society's growth and development.

The qualities I would need in order to reach my goal of being a successful immigration lawyer would be:

Dedication: It's a serious commitment to completing law school, law school will impact my relationships, eat up my entire time and change my daily life. Therefore staying dedicated is necessary. Remembering to stay dedicated regardless of how hard, exhausting and boring it may get is an important part of successful law school. Dedication will help me stay ahead of the curve and end up impacting my career as a lawyer. (committed to a task)

Being Analytical

I’m going to do a lot of research in law school. I will be challenged from every perspective to look at a scenario and will be tasked with finding a practical solution to that problem. As I go through law school my analytical and logical abilities will improve. Ultimately getting me prepared to become an excellent problem solver. (relating to logical reasoning)

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Be Creative

Perhaps creativity isn't the first word that comes to mind when thinking about law school but to be a good law student (and lawyer) implies to be an innovative solver of issues. Going to law school will force me to think outside the box and look at difficult problems with every possible outcome. (involving the imagination)

Communication Skills

Being a lawyer means communicating constantly. Whether it is oral, written or listening, I’m going to do a lot of that according to my law teacher Mrs Powell. Building outstanding communication skills and public speaking abilities is an essential part of my success as a future lawyer. (The ability to convey information)

Manage Timing

This is probably one of the most significant items on my list. Once I start law school, the assignments, outlines, you name it, will inundate my life with reading. That's why it's important to make every item on my To -Do list a priority. To keep a planner, find a place to study, and stick to it in my daily routine. (process of organizing & planning)

There are plenty of professional hills I will scale before I become a lawyer. First of all, I must have a high school diploma, as for other professions. But before that, I will have to obtain good grades and a good gpa throughout my 4 years in high school. I will also have to get a high score on the sat/act to get into a great college and major in government, math, english or history. When I get into college, it will be the same as high school, for example I will have to be in college for 4 years and obtain good grades and then graduate and obtain a bachelor's degree. Afterwards, I will have to apply for Law School and attend for 3 years and I will have to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and the Bar Exam and pass them, to finally earn a Juris Doctor degree (“ degree in law and one of several Doctors of Law degrees.”) in order to officially become an immgration lawyer.

A method I will use to monitor the progress would have to be my 5th virtue, managing time, because it would help me improve and reach my goal such as in helping me stay on track for working hard to get high grades. If I start now, with this virtue it will be useful when I’m on my way to start my career and I’ll be prepared for it already. I would work and focus on everything that comes my way to ensure that my plan is successful. When I fall off track and forget the source of my initial inspiration, I will think long and hard about what awaits me in the future.

I believe I'll succeed in becoming an immigration lawyer. I am determined to finish high school with the academic excellence necessary to get a professional direction in the field of law. I honestly think I will succeed in my plan to achieve perfection because when I put my mind to something and work hard for it, I achieve it by putting all my hard work to it, for instance right now as a freshman I’m working hard to keep my grades on track for the future. I expect this outcome to happen because the present day world is full of injustice and cruelty, many human beings are being victimized by these injustices and cruelties. I know I won’t be able to help everyone but I want to try to help as many people as I can. There are also many bad situations in society these days and we need excellent lawyers. I’m aware that becoming a successful lawyer requires a lot of preparation and challenges and I'm willing to do what it takes to make my dream of becoming an immigration lawyer a reality.

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