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The Popularity Of Sports Gambling

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Sports Gambling has taken the sports world by storm. Millions upon millions of dollars are being bet on sports games than ever before. It has become super popular among people in their late 20s all the way up to people in their 90s putting big money on the big games. The gambling on sports has become one of the most popular and exciting ways to enjoy athletic events and not everything you bet on has to do with human games. Some of the biggest money makers is horse and dog racing betting. Those two “Sports” bring in 2 times as much revenue than the four major sports in America.

Most people in America do not even know how sports betting works. Many people think that you just pick a team and if they win, you win. Well they are not wrong but at the same time the rules and different betting games break each sporting event down further so there are more opportunities to bet on things within the game or event. One of the most popular betting events of the NFL’s season is how long will the National Anthem last during the super bowl. Many people do not just bet on the National anthem but they bet on the actual game itself. People went nuts over how they could make money in less than two minutes. That is when people went crazy over betting.

You have probably placed a bet on a game or event and truth be told you probably did not even know it. You might have put 10 dollars on a game with your friend and you won, so by true definition that is sports gambling. But what really get the attention of everybody is the millions and billions of dollars that get post over all social media showing how rich people are becoming off of this new legal sensation. The rush of adrenaline that you get by just watching the game but now even if you do not like the teams that are playing you are now invested in the game because you have money invested in it. Even a small or minimum bet will get the most experienced bettor excited to win some cash.

It is super easy to get started and super convenient to get started and play. Sports Gambling does not require everyday attention. You can come and go as you please many of the websites that people play off of use that as a promotional tool saying that you make money on your own time. As says “The most simple form of sports bets is picking the winners of competitions. You can place a money wager on who will win a competition, and if you’re right, you win.” by is saying that they can get the attention of people by basically telling them it is the easiest thing to go out gamble and win. Many people enjoy this because they feel like it is free money. According to Marco D’Angelo “ The American people think that is just a big board game that they play with limitless money and go out and enjoy themselves.”

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In legalizing it, it would solve so many of the problems it causes when it is not legal. One of the major upsides in legalizing sports gambling it would bring so many new jobs and opportunities to people. The 1999 PSGSC report states, “Some Internet gambling sites have no betting or loss limits. There is no means of enforcing such limits, as providers are beyond the jurisdictional reach of the states.” Meaning another big thing it would do is having a regulated society would better help spot gambling degenerates and try and get them the best help that is possible for them. That would be the only concern that people take this too overboard and just get into so much debt that they can not make themselves out of it and just lead this long life of despair. With this really being the only downside of sports gambling there are plenty of positives to outweigh the negatives.

There has been a lot of debate over the last century if this is ethical and legal in the world of sports. If players get involved into it, it might change the outcome of the game with the players affecting the outcome and or how many points are scored. One of the first cases of this happening was in the 1919 World Series of baseball. Eight of the Chicago Black Sox players received money to purposely lose games because of high powered people bet on these games. This is what the professional leagues are afraid of in todays game. “Will the integrity of the game be diminished” former MLB commissioner Bud Selig said about sports gambling being legalized in states that housed professional baseball teams. Only eleven out of the fifty states are legal to sports betting, and out of the eleven; nine are home to baseball teams.

Many of the professional leagues other than the MLB are also thinking that this is a problem. Many, if not all of them prohibit their athletes from placing or receiving bets on professionally sanctioned games. The biggest stickler on this is the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the NCAA for short. The NCAA rules state that you must be an amutur to compete under all of their sponsored games or tournaments. The NCAA has said that athletes gambling on NCAA or professional games has gone down 55% since 2016 in male student-athletes. Seeing that data makes you believe that illegal gambling is pretty much done now since it has come full circle and is now legal.

The NCAA still says not to its student-athletes gambling but more and more non-athletes can put all the money they want on the kids. In the most recent news within the last month ESPN reported that all NCAA athletes can make money off their image and likeness. So this is a big step in the NCAA relaxing their tight hold on the athletes.

New Jersey was the first of many states to get the ball rolling on legalizing gambling on sports. Many states have already started the process to get the bills into their local state governments and are just waiting on a court’s choice on whether it fits the states rights. Indiana’s state government has just approved this year to allow sports betting even on sundays. Indiana saw the tax revenue that they could make off millions of dollars being bet daily, so they pounced on the opportunity. The Indiana sports teams are exploring new ideas to allow sports gambling inside the stadiums that the teams play in. There would be booths were people could go to mid-game and place bets like they would if they were at the horse track or online. Like I have stated before sports gambling will bring a lot of revenue into a states economy plus it will give the people what they want in throwing their spending money around on pointless games to have some fun with their buddies.

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