The Portraits Of The Main Characters In The Book The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

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When reading a story about multiple characters do the readers ever notice anything they have in common or different? In the story “ The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz the two characters Lola Delone and Oscar Delone have many similar dependencies yet are completely different people. Lola was the sibling that was outgoing and can handle stress that comes her way; compared to Oscar the one that runs away from his problems. It is easily seen while reading this novel the instant contrapositive between these characters. First and foremost, the comparison between Lola Delone and Oscar Delone is the childhood they never had.

Oscar’s interest in genre make him so undesirable that he would get teased and never had friends. Diaz writes that, “Everybody else going through the terror and joy of their first kisses while Oscar sat at the back of class,behind his DM’s screen and watched his adolescence stream by” (Diaz 23).This shows that he never really had a childhood like everyone else , since he was just an observer.Oscar was a social introvert he never was the best at making friends which made him feel like he never enjoyed his youth while it lasted. The author shows his reader how Lola was struggling day to day as a kid. She wasn’t the typical girl that had a girlhood constantly being abused by her own mom and even being a victim of rape. Lola had to be independent at such a young age since her mother didn’t really care about her. Although Oscar and Lola are different , the both have some similarities.On the other hand Lola and Oscar are the complete opposite when it comes to their love life.Lola was the girl that was always had all the men wanting her and all the attention that she needed from them. “ I was dating a boy by then,a sweet morenito by the name of Max Sanchez, whom I had met in Los Mina while visiting Rosio.(Diaz,72)

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Lola was consistently in a relationship , she was never afraid to approach a guy to express her feeling. While Oscor was the boy that dreamed of one girl liking him or even giving him the attention he was desperate for. Oscars constant rejection from girls made him give up on love that caused him to never be in a relationship. He was so scared to approach his crush’s that he would write fantasy novels about them. Although they both have different love life they handle it in a completely contrary way.Lastly the dissimilarity between Oscar and Lola in this story was how they both were physically different. Oscar was known for being the fat ghetto nerd that weight two hundred and forty five pounds. “Over the next couple of years he grew fatter and fatter”(Diaz,16). He lacked a masculine man body, lack of interest in sports made him gain more weight quickly. Most of the kids on the block called Oscar fat and bothered him about his weight. On the other hand Lola was the opposite she loved sports, being number one on her tack team. She literally has no fat on her and has musculature legs that impressed everyone. She even stops traffic,since guys can’t keep their eyes off her due to her toned body.Both of these characters are physically different,since they both like the opposite things.

Although Lola and Oscar have many similarities such as not having the childhood like a normal kid did. But there are more difference between these two characters such as their appearance and love life. But in this novel Lola was the sibling that was able to tolerate whatever things were coming in her way. After considering Lola an Oscar it is clear that Lola is more mentally and physically stable.

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