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The Portrayal of Malcom X as a Leader

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Malcolm X is one of the most influential figures in the history of the United States of America (USA) who lived during a period when the American States experienced great racial tension. He assumed a unique political, social, or economic position that disturbed many Americans especially the whites. Being a black American, Malcolm X remains an influential voice in the quest for racial equality following the racial discrimination that the black Americans endured during that period. Malcolm X was committed to resolving the racial tensions that existed between the white Americans and the African Americans where he believed that both groups had responsibilities in correcting the human problems.

Malcolm X dedicated his life in trying to correct the racial divisions that endured between the whites and the blacks Americans because he believed that the problem was not changing people’s consciousness, but the political system that produces the truth (Novak 27). The political leader makes efforts to reveal the truth about the Africa Americans as he argues that they should be involved in the political system rather than be isolated. Malcolm X continues to assert that the problem of segregation against the African Americans impacted them to suffer economic deterioration because they are institutionally oppressed by the majority power and not because of the inability to care for themselves (Tuck 73).

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Racial discrimination is an issue that was rampant in the USA during the 1960s despite the nation enacting policies that protect the citizens against any form of segregation (Tuck 70). That element influenced Malcolm X to utilize the activist approach that aims at changing the perception of the whites against the black population by revealing the truth by giving speeches about the elements of concern. Moreover, Malcolm X believed that knowing the truth about the blacks will help the white people understand them thus improves the relations between them. One of his speeches entails the ‘black man’s history’ where Malcolm X attributes his work to Islamic teachings by featuring Elijah Mohammed (Novak 32). The speech critics many of the aspects that were taught to the black people thus serving as a counter narrative of the ideas of that time.

Malcolm X engages the power of speech to pass his message to diverse populations by restating various topics that had already been delivered. He emphasized truth-telling arguing that despite their differences or religion, blacks have a common problem which is racial discrimination. That aspect has impacted the minority populations to experience oppression in different perspectives of life. The truth he reveals in his speeches threatened the white power since Malcolm X critiques most of the central elements of the government, civil, and religious leaders (Novak 36). The political figure demonstrates the relationship between the concept of truth by giving his opinions about the issue of racial discrimination against African Americans.

To conclude, Malcolm X was engaged and determined to use the power of speech to eliminate the problem of racial oppression and attain equality for all populations. The political figure gave various speeches that criticized the white supremacy that oppressed the black people arguing that served as a hindrance to their progress. Malcolm X points his critique to institutions and individuals while showing his willingness to reveal the truth in a democratic society. The individual is portrayed as an influential leader who was committed to impact racial equality among all Americans despite their race. He believed that if people learned the truth about the black population, they will understand them.

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