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The Problem Of Child Poverty And How To Solve It

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Everyone has felt hungry before or has felt embarrassed by the clothes they were wearing. Some of us have the choice to go into the kitchen and grab something out of the fridge or change the outfit we were wearing, but others don’t. More attention should be focused on ways to lower the number of children is growing up in poverty. 1-in-4 children don’t have the option to eat whenever they want or go shopping when their clothes are torn up or the weather is getting colder they don’t have enough money to buy a new coat. Although many believe it is the parent’s responsibility to provide for their children without the aid it can make it harder for the parents causing the children to be the victims. Poverty is the greatest threat to children in the nation. It is causing the children physical harm, affecting their ability to learn, and behavioral problems. This all happens is a silent painful way.

Poverty means the state of being extremely poor; and the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount. Kids living in poverty are lacking food and proper clothing. Just alone in the U.S., eleven million kids don’t have enough food. The lack of food can cause the heart to weaken, lowering the blood pressure to an unhealthy state. In addition to this, it could affect the growth and density of bones and there are many more problems. In addition to this, the lack of nutrition can also lead to a lack of focus, causing them to fail school. Students who are growing up in poverty have many disadvantages. Their preparation school is lower than in the middle and higher classes. This can lead to falling behind in school and losing motivation towards wanting to learn more. This is caused by not having enough food.

A solution to help provide food to those that don’t have much is a school food pantry. Food is donated to the school by parents or the food bank, when the weekend comes around, every Friday before school gets released the students are given food from the school directly. An example of this Century High School food pantry. Century has been doing this for a couple of years and it has been working great. Students are getting fed not just at school but at home as well.

Child poverty has been around for many years, but since 2004 the numbers have been rising. At the end of every year, 13 million pounds of clothing are thrown away every year. This could be easily given to children in need. Students show up to school with clothes that are torn up are dirty unable to afford better clothing. This is a problem for everyone, not just kids because sooner or later they will become the future and determine how to run things.

The children have the greatest risks of having behavioral problems such as aggression, impulsiveness, and the ability to get along with their peers. These problems could affect how they interact with their coworkers in the future. They could also have emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. If any mental health problem is left untreated, it can lead to abuse of alcohol and drugs.

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Poverty comes with negative outcomes. Some kids show up to school in pajamas or in shoes where their toes stick out, not because they want, but because they have no choice. In today’s date where clothing says something about you, it is embarrassing to wear clothing that is torn up and dirty than newer and clean clothing. Not having proper clothing can lead students to skip school, and later to bigger things. A Handful of companies have been trying to solve the problem by recycling clothing and trying to get customers to recycle too. With the many clothes thrown away, this could help with the kids that lack proper clothing.

Families that live in poverty need at least twice the income they are receiving. Sixty percent of the United States are earning below the median income. Of how unlikely income will raise there are other ways to help with child poverty around the community. At some grocery stores, there will be a box will be placed inside where anyone will be able to donate clothing that they don’t use anymore. There will be requirements for the clothing before a donation is made, such as lightly used, washed, and wearable (you can’t donate clothing that had a gigantic hole in the front of a shirt). To those who require better clothing will be able to get clothing in a convenient location. This would help with lower the number of the amount of clothing thrown away.

To help those who can’t afford to go grocery shopping there could also be a food pantry at schools, where food is donated to the school and then given to students in need before weekends and holiday breaks. This way it makes it easier for the school and students. Neither the school or the students won’t need to go anywhere to pick up the food, everything would be handled at the school.

A handful of companies have tried to solve the crisis with the clothing industry and lower the amount of clothing thrown away. Offering discounts to those who bring back there old clothing. Celebrities have tried to bring awareness, such as Emma Watson. She wore a dress made out of recycled bottles to the Met Gala. The Levi Company discovered a way to turn old t-shirts into new recycled jeans.


In conclusion, child poverty is a problem and it needs awareness. Numbers are rising, children are affected every day and if we don’t help around our community, how do we expect the future to be great when only forty percent of America’s nation are living above the median wage.

If food is donated to most schools and given to kids in need this could help lower the numbers quite a bit. If grocery stores participated in the idea of placing a box where clothing can be donated, this would help economically and kids in need. The future is in today’s hands, how can we expect great come for later in life if children aren’t growing up in a substantial home. if we can expect to help a situation that is been around for a while how do we expect

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