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The Problem of Diagnosing a Disorder in a Child

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When diagnosing a child with a disorder there must be special consideration given due to their vulnerabilities and misconception. They are developing and sometimes actions or behaviors can be misconstrued as an issue. There are different stages that a child must go through in order to grow into a healthy adult. Children can be manipulated easily and can demonstrate odd behaviors that may or may not constitute a visit to a medical professional. It may be easier for an adult to recognize abnormal behaviors with themselves as a child cannot recognize this due to lack of experience (Hooley, J. M., 2020).

Some situations may constitute the child be removed from the home. These situations can be devastating to the child and in turn may create more of an issue. The living situation must be considered when diagnosing a child. The behaviors or actions that may arise could be due to an unhealthy home life or neglect. It is important to take into consideration every aspect of how a child is growing in their environment and what support systems may be available (Hooley, J. M., 2020).

I have had experience with adolescent children that have been removed from a damaging home life where they faced a neglectful or abusive environment. There must be special considerations for this as sometimes the child will act out due to this unhealthy environment. I found that most of the children that were in state custody suffered from some form of disability.

Although the parent or guardian most likely will make the choice for their child, at times a parent or guardian may be part of the issue. Depending on the child’s situation and what the diagnosis is, will depend on who will make that choice. In some circumstances it will be the parent or guardian in some instances it will be the court systems. It also will depend on the behaviors of the child and how destructive they are to themselves or others. Unfortunately at times the child is suffering due to the neglect and abuse of an adult or a family member. This is when the court systems will intercede and make decisions for the child.

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If a child goes undiagnosed and is in need of services it will most likely create an issue when they are an adult. If you address the issues early enough, the child may have a better chance to correct and or treat their illness sooner. It is important that if a child is diagnosed that the parent or guardian be involved with the treatment. If they cannot due to legal issues whomever will care for this child needs to be involved in the treatment plans.

The video ‘Early Recognition of Child Development Problems’ and their campaign “Learn the Signs and Act Early”, was a great short video to grab the attention of parents that may be questioning certain behaviors of their child. If you notice something that may not appear normal, you should ask questions, contact your physician (National Center for Health and Marketing, 2009).

I have experience with early intervention which is an organization that provides free in home help for any child that may have a disability. They visit my daughter once a month to make sure she is meeting all the milestones of her age. There are so many programs available to parents and guardians for kids that may need assistance.

My husband’s cousin has Cri du chat syndrome. When he was born my mother-in-law explained to me they knew the minute they saw him something was wrong. He was described as having a blank face, no emotion. Jeffrey is now in his 20’s and still lives with his mom. He most likely will need care for the rest of his life. He attends groups and camps and works with supervision. It’s unfortunate but in extreme cases of disability children with more severe disabilities will eventually need to be taken care of by society.

There are several programs and treatment facilities for special needs children. Temple Grandin explains in her video that there is a need to stimulate some of these diagnosed children as they may be the next inventor or scientist to make a difference. It is important we recognize that these children can be an asset to society (Temple Grandin, 2010).

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