The Problem of The Lack of Punctuality and Why Students Should Be Penalized for Being Late

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A man walks wearily down a small trail from the factory after a hard working week. It’s almost 7 in the evening. The sun starts going back to its home after working tirelessly in the day. The dreary, dull night begins to embrace the whole distant countryside. The man continues heading to the train stop. He takes short, slow strides step by step with a deliberate manner despite hearing the resonant siren. As he gets to the station, the train already passed the stop. He had missed the last train of the day. And his son’s birthday. No one should be late under most circumstances as it has many hefty, horrendous impacts. Therefore, in my opinion, students should be penalized for being late as it forms bad habits, affects their study result and affects other people.

The first reason for the penalisation of being late is that lateness forms bad habits. Have you ever seen a student arrived at class late without any excuses? While some students do have reasonable purpose like taking his brother or sister to school, meeting with school’s counsellor, others students always blamed the traffic, the weather and the alarm clock. However, not every student is honest with their teacher because they make up reasons in order to stay away from possible punishments. Therefore, not being on time can result in the decline in student’s integrity. Besides, not being at school on time can be attributed to poor sleeping routines. Most of my late arrivals at school are due to staying up late. Sleeping late causes severe health issues for your body. For instance, it is known that many cases of gastritis and stomach related illnesses are the result of staying up late. Furthermore, it ruins your outlook. You don’t want to show up in class with dark rings under your eyes and dingy skin tone, do you? Therefore, students should be given penalties for being late as it keeps them away from negative routines.

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Secondly, students should be punished for being late because lack of punctuality affects their study result. It is clear that students who arrive late in class will find it difficult to follow the lesson. It is because many lessons go from easy to hard, from basic to advanced. As a result, when students come late to class, they will jump straight to the harder part, which could be a big struggle to many students. Consequently, these students might get discouraged and they will do badly in the future test. Additionally, teacher might bring students’ score down. To be more specific, the lack of punctuality in class can display the students’ absence of interest and engagement in class. Many teachers test this by checking your homework and your classwork. They will mark your work more rigorously, scrupulously and this can affect your average negatively. In the worst situation, teachers might think that you despise their detailed, dramatic lessons and they will not mark your test correctly. For these reason, students should be received punishments for being late because it reduces their scores.

Lastly, children should be penalised for being late as being late affects other people. Have you ever arrived at the cinema late? If the answer is yes, you probably have ruined others’ watching experience by making disturbing sound like your whispering apology or thudding footsteps . Being late in class is no exception and you can be a great source of distraction. While people have settled down to study, your late appearance in class interrupts teaching flow, breaks the quiet atmosphere, bothers your friends with annoying buzzing apology, your shuffling footstep, squeaking shoes and slamming books . Who cannot be irritating of these noises? Moreover, your lack of punctuality has an impact on your parents because many parents take their kids to school. For this reason, being late in class makes your parents wait for you and may affect their schedules. Your parents might be late for their works and this could lead to their decline in pay, their unreliable appeal in their colleagues’ mind. In brief, apart from affecting yourself, being late can also has impact on other people.

To conclude, giving students penalties for being late is a good idea. This is because the lack of punctuality in student paves the way for bad habits, brings down your studying result and bothers others. There are many strict rules upon student and penalising for being late should be one of them. The school’s goal is to create firm, beneficial routines for students in order to make them a better person. So does penalising for lack of punctuality. Students will definitely reward from it as it has many positive effects.

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