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The Process And History Of The Invention Of The Wheel

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The invention is the action of creating or making something that has never been made before, in most cases a processor or device and it should be proven as workable. The are many inventions that have been built through these years from BC till now. But now inventions are no longer built by humans but by robots, through computer analysis, software’s and programming. One main Invention that was created by a human is The Wheel.

In the ancient time, the founder or an inventor of the first wheel was a farmer in Mesopotamia he was using large and round branches of a tree that has fallen or that he has cut off to put heavy loads of firewood and transport them to where he is going to for some years. People were using logs to transport to heavy loads from one place to another. The were problems this way of transportation and the problem was that there are so many rollers that are needed, and proper care and when using this method, you must always make sure that the rollers are always on the lane.

The were hypotheses on how they can improve their wheel and get rid of the challenge of transportation and a suggestion of the sled that is made of crossbars placed underneath of the side to avoid the rollers from sliding out of the sled. The rollers were then deployed by two notches for each roller and one for the other part of the roller. The wheel when it was created it was cylindrical and it was constrained with a grounded and stable and stationary party line. The wheel was designed to have a cylindrical shape so that it rolls nicely and easily, he was trying many materials to make the wheel but the first one was made of clay, rock, and mud which was constrained together by wooden planks of which it was put together to material called chariots and he started to go with it to any place he would want to go to quiet fast.

The abstract idea of the wheel as the truth or fact of a situation literally went viral after out from the mechanical appliance that the Mesopotamia had made right after 3500 B.C. The Sumarians were people who were empirical people so they wanted to invent an easier way that they can use that will move even heavier object from one place to another, so they invented something called a sled but the sled never had a spender or a roller so they thought of taking casket case and connected it with runners so that it would be like a large sled ( the invention of the wheel, how the ancient Sumerians humanity rolling). The wheel was working properly when the surface was smooth and flat but on the places that are inclined the invention was would creep its way off the sledge while it is still going.

The problem was that if they were transporting objects or material or loads that were very much heavy the runners would skid off the sledge and then the whole load will tip over. But they also noticed that the sledge or wheel after it is used several times more it would start to have some grooves where the runners get kneaded against the roller, but they removed the grooves of which it ended up forming well-organized wheels (antiquity of ancient wheel rolling). This way of transporting loads was exhausting and stressful and it needed many people than one or two, and therefore the inventors came up with new ideas that the only thing that is important in their invention was the ends to keep the loads up, and so they constrained four spikes in their sledge. They so finished up with the chariot which was pulled by horses and donkeys and therefore other people copied the invention and got adapted to it for their needs as well.

As time goes by the invention was fixed from the B.C structure to the wheel with Rim and Hub and Spokes inside it which also decorated it. The rim is an exterior part of the wheel attached to the whole tire, therefore it makes the exterior part of the wheel be circular that cylindrical design and the interior part of the wheel is constrained to conveyance, motor vehicle and automobiles and iron wheel was introduced to replace the clay and wooden wheel from chariots (The second late wheel wheel and excavated). A hub is a midpoint of a wheel and keeps and connects the bearings of the wheel and the carts and meeting point of the spokes, a spoke is rods from the midpoint of the wheel.

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Wheels began to be in mission as gears during the times of middle ages. That was allowed for the design of moving objects such as water wheels, clock, cogwheel and astrolabes for sailors to steer. The wheel appeared a little in Europe up until the early of the nineteenth century and with the technology introduced and growing the wheel became the recognized and major design of the technology which grows from strength to strength with the industrial revolution which is now called fourth industrial revolution of which is a constant change and technology and the wheel it, therefore, became to be the casting mechanism in many different ways. Decisively many machines or mechanical objects within the industrial revolution have a piece, fundamental propositions implant in one human’s invention have wheels.

Without the so-called wheel this world that we living in it would function differently at all and we cannot imagine how that would be, am sure we would not be having such fantasy and our lives like the cities, towns, and buildings or roads without the invention of a wheel and therefore we can consider a wheel as one of the most efficient and essential designs and inventions made by a human. The principle design of the latest wheels is no longer wooden as the ancient ones, but they are now rubber, fabric, and wire and they are also with some chemical formulation that has been implemented to increase the tensile and structure of the first wheel. The wheel ever since it was invented it be strong and reliable even for the cultural, tribal and religious tribe and because of the difficult and strong terrain tire or wheel material that was used less in ancient age compared to the latest time (lowrider, wheel tire guide). The wheel is a well-known quantity in the Indian flag and it also represents law and it also appears in some other flags of other counties like Roma for their history (wheel in different aspects, lowrider).

Nowadays in this world, we are living in, technology has grown constantly and rapidly. Today devices are a period piece of the upcoming generation, but as for the wheel, it is changing and developing new designs of a wheel every decade because they now differ according to the type of vehicle or mechanism. But the differences are huge because the designs we observe today in our life as they are advanced and technologically processed. Unlike the discoveries and designs that were made of the inventions of 3500- 5000 BC or earlier than the estimated time, wheels are still needed in our generation or in the 21st century and they are in high demand (NOTAP, an invention of wheels). The changes do not matter on whether they are external or internal change, but it still serves its course even today and it will even in the upcoming generation. Some if not many modern inventions of wheels are implemented from the old ones or first found wheels design. So, if there were no wheels that were first implemented and invented, we would not be having any vehicles on this earth we are living in. Our roads they were not going to be constructed and airplanes and aircraft would not be able to cover up the sky.

The disadvantage of a wheel is that they are made of different materials. Some of the material is not strong enough and they need to be replaced after some time the wheel it has been used. Those materials are those of alloy, steel. And that they are costly and demanding from the pocket compared to the old ones that were only made with wood but those ones needed to be replaced now and then, and the old ones were replaced monthly or even less than a month, therefore, that wheel was demanding more of a human power when it comes to cut off the wood. They are so many advantages of a wheel more especially in mechanical machines, appliances and vehicles and they don’t count only it, but they also count and axle. A wheel is important it teaches and guides people who are using it in many different industries of how much of a force is required that machine they are using exerts when a force is introduced or applied. The greater the merit or worth of the automatic and involuntary proportion, the force required is small to make the vehicles and automatics to work and to operate in a manner that is pleasant. The time we are living in it uses machines to do some of their works even much and less hard. The advantage of the wheel mechanics is that it uses small force that has been introduced to fabricate a bigger or greater output force, even though it is not very easy.

The most relevant and specific advantage is that mechanical advantage is the proportion of the produced force of the operating machines of which is the output greater than the force that was induced or put inside the operating or working machine, vehicle and auto machines and other mechanical objects. Since now the wheel has been designed to have an axle, they are categorized amongst the simplest mechanical materials. We now use machines that make things easier and simple for our lives in such a way they make transportation and traveling much easier. And now it has been made even more easier compared to the ones of 3500BC because now you transport goods with you controlling the vehicle and not controlling using your own fit but you are inside the vehicle driving and now we are transporting even more heavy things that they use to do back then.

Wheels made our lives of traveling easier, and it is the most notable discovery because we cannot imagine or even think of the universe without wheels all around. Ever since the wheel was invented there is such a great revolve in the industries of manufacturing are a productive outcome of the invention or the discovery of wheels in their operation and economic growth of the business and the nation as well. Wheel Has to make a very huge difference because it does not work or concentrating on transportation but many mechanisms that are used in many industries like those of mining, industrial and many more. They designed their mechanisms in such a way that they use some wheel that is rotating and making sure that the work and the function that it is designed to do is fulfilled.

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