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The Prospects for Pharmacological and Psychopharmacological Researches on LSD

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The pharmacology of LSD is inadvertently complex, even in today’s entrenched, incessant research, its mechanisms of action remain unclear to this day. LSD is physiologically well tolerated and there is no evidence of its virulency for long-lasting debacles to the brain and other comer parts of the human organism.

The review of pharmacology, psychopharmacology, related preclinical research, as well as basic studies with human subjects are gleaned from the incessant research that was for the most part conducted in the 1950s and 1960s during an era that held great promise and fostering for LSD and related hallucinogens. Expentation, confidence, and sanguineness was placed in these unique substances for new and contemporary treatments for psychiatric conditions and discoveries that would enhance our circumscribed knowledge of the mind. The confidence placed on LSD and other hallucinogens showed promising results, as hallucinogen research did indeed lead to the discovery of serotonin, brain second-messenger systems, and a variety of other research techniques such as prepulse inhibition and the use of animals for detection of activation of specific sub-receptors. The once-innovative research of LSD diminished and was slowly phased out after these prodigious advancements. The clinical promises failed to be addressed by analysts and the public while illicit use of hallucinogens pressured governments into taking strict police action against such use of the new-found drug. Government funding of research dried up, as well, and a generation of scientists moved on to other more seemingly important topics.

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Today, LSD and other hallucinogens are once again being appraised and evaluated on, for specific purposes, such as for treatment of the “cluster headache” and as tools in therapy for working with those suffering from anxiety provoking end-of-life issues and for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As these new studies further advance in knowledge, and move forward, it is anticipated by today’s researchers and many people part of the medical industry the current research taking place will be a roadmap for also securing the data missing from our knowledge of the pharmacology of LSD from our past research.

In the past LSD and other hallucinogens have been used in professional studies of the human mind. These studies have had mixed results, that always almost always vary, depending on the patient and his or her surroundings during consumption and testing. Emerging research is beginning to change the public and the industries perception of LSD from a drug that can negatively affect the mental and physical well-being, to one that can alleviate the visual and hidden symptoms of anxiety and depression. Its benefits are also being thoroughly studied in relation to helping struggling individuals who are trying to overcome drug dependency. The most remarkable and unique potential benefit of hallucinogens is what’s known as ‘ego death,’ an experience in which people lose their sense of self-identity and, as a result, are able to detach themselves from worldly concerns like a fear of death, addiction, and anxiety over temporary — perhaps thoroughly exaggerated — traumatic or amazing life events. When people take a potent dose of the psychedelic, they can experience watershed spiritual, hallucinogenic trips that can make the user feel like they’re transcending their own bodies and even time and space. This, in turn, gives people a lot of perspective — as if they can see themselves as a small part of a much broader, seemingly magical universe, it’s a lot easier, and often unhesitant of them to discard personal, relatively insignificant and inconsequential concerns about their own lives and death.

Today, the studies of LSD have resumed and are being used regularly to clinical patients.

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