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The Psychology Of Suicide And Its Prevention

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It is my conviction that assuming an ever increasing number of individuals are taught about suicide, the notice signs, whose most in danger, and how to help anticipate suicide; maybe, the suicide death rate will diminish in the US.

The requirement for suicide anticipation ought to be very self-evident, on the grounds that suicide resembles an infectious malady in the US. Suicide impacts individuals of all extraordinary age gatherings, distinctive ethnic and social gatherings. As far as I could possibly know it is troublesome getting exact information on the quantity of self-destructive endeavors and passings, in light of the fact that numerous suicide endeavors are not detailed every year; likewise, maybe the quantity of deaths by suicide are not announced as real suicides yet as coincidental deaths. In the article, Suicide Prevention & Psychology by John S. Westfield, he covers the topic of how psychology comes into play with suicide prevention by explaining how psychology might be out best bet on diminishing this issue within the United States. Ending one’s life presumably seems like an absurd idea to a great amount of people, however, to the individuals who consider it, they manage it consistently. More significantly, the inquiry is what leads individuals to kill themselves? When all is said in done, a great many people would prefer not to end their own lives, despite the fact that numerous individuals joke about it consistently. Being human, we as a whole have a specific measure of will to live. Despondency is the significant reason for self-destructive contemplations and thoughts. This is where psychology comes to play in the midst of it all, psychologists are able to dig deeper into one’s mind and find the root of these issues, and touch on the different ways to prevent suicide and this is really was John S. Westfield’s’ article is all about.

Furthermore, article contributes to our knowledge of psychology because of all the research it withholds about the three different prevention strategies for suicide. There is Primary prevention, Secondary Prevention, and Tertiary Prevention. These prevention strategies include things like holding interactive outreach programs on high school to college campuses, identifying individuals for whom the risk of suicide may be high, and “more systemic approaches to suicide prevention that occur frequently”. All of these strategies have a great significance in how they contribute to today’s studies. Personally, I find Primary Prevention the most valuable because it is the first and foremost step into preventing certain actions that one might partake in. Viability of Primary prevention can be hard to gauge, particularly circumstances and logical results associations. For instance, if a few hundred individuals go to a suicide prevention workshop, and at least one of these participants later don’t endeavor suicide because of going to the workshop, that will never be known more then likely. Although it may be hard to measure the outcome, primary prevention still holds great value and continues to spark the interests of great Psychological organizations all over America. In the past few years they actually held a “postvention” study, (postvention meaning taking the form of support for the bereaved) referred to as a “Delphi study”. This particular postvention study developed suicide postvention guidelines for secondary schools. The outcome of this study led to psychologist gaining over twenty valuable steps for the postvention process regarding suicide. These steps included things like spreading awareness, liaison with families, dealing with social media, and future prevention. Another major point that carries significance for research that the author touches on is suicide in the military.

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“In 2014, 7,400 veterans ended their lives by choice, which was 18% of all suicides in the United States”. This is an additional area of concern for our country. There was a study conducted that showed that soldiers who had committed suicide within the military, have had a past of mental disorder throughout their lives. There was a risk related phenomenon concerning military suicide, regarding the fact that major change in one’s life, military culture, and many stressful events all played a huge part within military suicide. The article states that suicide risk is an issue before, during, and after being in the military.

Continuing, There has been a mass effort of showing and giving support to those in need. For example there is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Sailor Assistance and Intercept For Life, which was conducted within the military, and even just local hot lines within America’s many communities that are willing to help. These actions give hope all around the world for preventing such an act that impacts so many people around that single individual. This article written by John S. Westfield has a great significance concerning the research for our future suicide prevention within our country.

This article, Suicide Prevention & Psychology, helped me expand my knowledge of something I would love to know more about. I chose this particular article because suicide has always been a concern in my life, not for me personally, but the people around me and I only want to help. Suicide is the leading cause of death within America, and this is why I feel like it is so important to have Hotlines and consultation centers available within every community. By reading this article I have learned that Suicide stays a puzzling wonder, and exceptionally hard to foresee. It carries enormous torment to numerous individuals consistently. The calling of psychology has surely been engaged with the expansive based issue of suicide. What is being called for here is a huge spotlight on thoughtfulness regarding suicide counteractive action—with the expectation that the rate can be brought down, just as the torment that this wonder has caused for a wide variety of humans. I hope to see more Psychologists around the world get more associated with propelling methodologies, such as the ones explained throughout the article in terms of increasing the knowledge of suicide prevention efforts for our future. Suicide should not be seen as something that just happens; it should be seen as a problem that is our priority to fix.

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