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The Purpose of Ender's Game: Critical Analysis

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The purpose of Ender’s Game is to inspire the reader to be more compassionate. Throughout the book, there are many instances where Ender had to have compassion. He had to be able to know the motives of the enemy while also being able to inspire loyalty within others around him. Without compassion he wouldn’t be as good of a leader or be able to understand the situation at hand.

The part in the book where the author’s purpose was mostly represented was when Ender went to the new planet only to discover a new obstacle. The buggers had made a replica of the mind game that he had to go through back in his school. He realized they already knew he would defeat them. Ender ends up finding a queen of the buggers and comes to realize they didn’t really wanna fight the people and he feels bad for them.

The author assumes that with compassion that makes a person more able to be successful in battle. The author validates this assumption by applying compassion to the main character’s life within the plot of the book. He shows that without compassion the main character would be just like every other soldier and wouldn’t have been able to be as good of a leader or understand the enemy as well.

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The part of the book that is most relevant to what we do is having to work together but also be able to overcome personal differences. The main character is constantly singled out by those around him for being different and for being better. He has to do what’s necessary to protect himself from the people around him that try to attack him out of anger while also being able to stay grounded enough to remain a good leader and soldier.

The author’s conclusion is to show the reader that you need compassion in your life. Without it, you won’t be able to understand your struggles and be able to overcome them by using their underlying causes against them. You also wouldn’t be able to represent leadership skills needed in life. As a leader you need compassion to be able to help those around you with their problems while also helping them to build themselves into stronger people.

With respect to the author’s conclusion, I agree that compassion is important in and out of battle. I agree that you need compassion to be able to overcome the enemy, while also feeling the pain of those around you. Being able to inspire them to push on by showing them there’s hope and that working together can accomplish the task at hand.

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